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Gorgeous TS Miss Staci is resting on the bed and calls you over. “Come here bitch, you’ll have to do for now” she tells you. She explains that her other slave is in the yard working so you will have to service her to get her ready for her boyfriend who is on his way over to fuck her. “I want to be hard and wet when he gets here” she tells you as she pulls her dick out of her panties. She tells you she needs some sensual body service so she can get fucked good and hard. She lays on her stomach and tells you to start by licking her stilettos including sucking the heel.

As you lick her shoes she starts to fondle her legs and ass cheeks. You will be in the corner watching when her man arrives, that is your reward. Now she wants her soles licked. She says she has left the labels on the shoes so you can remove them with your mouth. She’s pleased when you get them off and tells you to spit them out and get back to her shoes. After a fair bit of time on her shoes she tells you to start working on her legs and to work your way up to her asshole. She gets on all fours and tells you to pull the fabric out of panties from her ass cracked and when you do she tells you it is time to start drilling her asshole with your tongue. She gives you directions on how to lick it, she wants to see how aroused and disgusting you are, she has left it dirty just for you. “I want my sch1t on your breath” she tells you. Now she rolls over and her large 8″ is rock hard. She waves it in your face and says maybe when she’s done with her man she will let you suck her. Go ahead and have a quick taste and then out of her sight.

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