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Sure, you have a beautiful trophy wife and high-paying executive job but little do people know that behind closed doors, you’re the one getting fucked, by Kandy’s big rubber cock. Wifey wears the pants around the household and your cock has never even been near her pussy, she has real men for that. To maintain the illusion, you willingly come crawling on all fours to suck her meat and then bend over so she can violate your backside. She fucks you every single day and sometimes even multiple times, your hole is as sloppy as any street whores.

In this scene Mistress Kandy talks explicitly about how you must come home from work everyday and attach her strap-on to her waist. She even calls your ass your cunt and tells you how you have to keep it clean by douching it. “I don’t want my cock all dirty after I’ve pounded your cunt” she tells you. She tells you that she knows you’re having accidents at work, because you’re so loose now, sharting yourself which leads to another whole level of humiliation. Some people might be buying the Mr. big-shot routine but Kandy knows the truth, you are nothing but her weak willed fuck toy and slave.

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