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Imagine being at the feet of the dynamic duo of Miss Raevyn and Miss Jasmine. This scene opens with the two on the bed talking about all the small dicked losers they are constantly dealing with. They wonder how many women have been disappointed looking at their cocks for the first time. Now they turn their attention to you and your small cock. Jasmine says “Guys like you should really be castrated” and they both laugh. “At the leas they should be locked up forever” Jasmine continues as she reaches behind her and reveals a chastity device. Although the unit is pretty small Raevyn comments “It’s way to large for you, you’ll be floating in here.” The ladies again laugh as they so enjoy humiliating you. They know a real man would never tolerate this but you are a weak beta male and your dream is to give complete control over to women so you just hang your head in shame. Jasmine shares a story of a time she was in DC and the guy was so small that when he stood up his chastity actually fell off right onto the bar floor and he had to bend over and pick it up in front of everyone. “The worst part is when I made him pick it up with his teeth” she says. They both laugh so hard. Next Jasmine pulls out a stainless steel spiked cock ring one of her favorite toys to punish a slave. If he gets erect while wearing it he suffers unbearable pain. She looks at you and asks you a question, “Do you prefer to be locked up forever or tor-tured?” They decide to put the spiked ring on you to help you decide. You know once on these Ladies will have no problem getting you erect and soon you will crying in pain. Jasmine slides it on you and Raevyn starts to rub your balls. They give you attention you have never experienced before because they know soon you will be screaming. They lock you up and then tell you what their kinky plans are for the key. Oh my. They plan to keep it on you for 5 days. Will you then agree to keep it on longer or will you accept your only other option, lifelong chastity? Then Jasmine throws in a wrinkle and says that you have a third option, castration. What will you decide?

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