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Mistress T is laying on her belly and also you see only her pantyhose covered legs as well as the stilettos on her feet. The cam pulls back till you obtain a full body view of her grinning and also looking straight at you. “Consider you, taking a look at my footwear as well as imagining just how wet they must be, the sweat, just how they must smell, exactly how they must taste, you ache for it, don’t you?” she asks. She then presses one of the footwear off her foot and also dangles it before you up until letting it fall to the flooring. She eliminates the other with her hand and brings it as much as your face telling you to breath the natural leather as well as the sweat. How intoxicating. “You love it do not you?” she asks you. “Proceed as well as get an excellent check out my feet currently” she tells you as the electronic camera focuses on them as well as she waves them around and also wrinkles her soles.

Currently she informs you to lay on the floor. She sits up as well as brings her feet down right to your face. She continues to spread her toes and wrinkle her soles and also tells you to picture your penis in between her feet. She moves her finger to and fro in between her feet as well as over the silky fabric, similar to you would your cock. “I’m fucking your penis, bleeding every last drop of your orgasm from you” she says. She informs you to stroke your cock so she can view. She enjoys you while you bend down and kiss her feet and also play with on your own. She steps up as well as down and also informs you she will step on your penis as well as grind it into the flooring then let you cum on her feet. “When you cum you know what you need to do, right?” she asks you. Yes, you will certainly have to lick and suck every last drop of your cum out of her pantyhose. “Will you be an excellent boy and also do that for me?” she asks you, then chuckling since she understands you will.

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