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Time has passed since Charlotte took ownership of the sexy fembot that Fluffy created. She has also taking full ownership of Fluffy. She makes him wear a skirt with fishnets and heels while he cleans her house.

Charlotte is on her sofa caressing the perfect breasts of her fembot. Her fembot has some AI and can talk. “When can I castrate another man?”
“Soon..” Charlotte says. Fluffy walks in to report that he just finished cleaning the floors. Charlotte tells her sexy femdom, “Go ahead.”

The fembot walks directly at her maker, Fluffy, to do what he programmed her to do on other victims. She is programed to destroy balls. She knees him hard in the nuts and Charlotte laughs.
Fluffy begs her for mercy. She tells him his time has come and to take off his girly skirt and heels. After some hard kicks they grab his balls and take turns hitting them. He begs them to let him keep his balls. He even pleads that they go back to kicking him in the balls, just so he can keep them longer.

Charlotte reveals in the fact that the proud scientist is begging her to kick him in the balls, so she does, gladly. They hurt him until he begs for them to castrate him just so it will stop.
Charlotte got exactly what she wanted. Her Castra-bot did her job perfectly. “Oh, if your begging me to castrate you, I’m happy to. Let’s take you to the cutting room.”

They strut away, leading him out of the room by the balls while he whimpers.

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