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Ballbusting is among the favorite activities of almost every Mean Lady, and also Princess Alexandria is no exception. This clip was filmed on her very first check out to the Mansion and also OMG is it AMAZING FOR ANY FAN OF BRUTAL BALL BUSTING!!! (And that is claiming a great deal thinking about the amount of sphere busting clips we create yearly.).

Most times, when a brand-new Goddess or Princess comes to the Chateau, they are somewhat tentative regarding kicking a slave as hard as they can in the spheres. No matter how much we assure them that they have every right to treat the servants like the disposable property they are, it really takes most Mean Ladies a few ballbusting sessions before they get really comfortable harming losers and neglecting their screams and also misery. Not so for Princess Alexandria. She is an outright NATURAL at sphere busting!

After Siren Platinum as well as Siren Draya gave her a quick tutorial on exactly how to align her kicks, and also how to do one of the most damage to the loser, she took her first kick. And also it crumpled the slave right away. And also yet it just worsened for the loser from there. With Platinum holding its chain Alexandria unleashe over and over on the loser. Not just did she kick it with her leading best foot, she also tried it with her left. As if that had not been enough, she made sure to knee the things balls also.

This clips is an absolute need to have for any kind of true round breaking follower. There is no chance you can view this, as well as see all the extremely slow motion replays of just how every shot definitely ruins this losers sack, and not assume that Princess Alexandria might just be the one to challenge Siren Platinums ongoing prominence as the most ruthless American Mean Lady at Ballbusting.

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