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Girlfriend Chanel recognizes the longer she has kept her frail slave in chastity the much more delicate and also sore his undrained rounds come to be. He has actually been denied climax for so long since she is sure his sad blue rounds need to be hurting severely for release. Well, today is his fortunate day as she has actually assured to lastly complimentary his locked penis from its tight chastity jail. Ofcourse the servant needs to be bound and kept under rigorous control initially for such an incentive. It does not seem to matter to her servant as his cock rapidly gets hard as soon as shetakes of his chastity as well as strokes it with her soft hands. Her servant remains in heaven as he nears orgasm however she is simply toying with him. A series of hard slaps and also strikes exactly on his aching blue rounds has him crying out in agony as he promptly sheds his erection. He continues to writhe and also moan hurting even as she starts to softly caress his poor dick to hardness once again. She brings him right approximately the side over and over once more only to completely bust his aching rounds every time. What an enjoyable ready Mistress Chanel! She assured her slave she would open his chastity. She never said she would really allow him to orgasm.

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