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Girlfriend Maya Kendrick’s slave has spheres that will rupture from being denied the satisfaction of orgasm the past one month. They are so ripe they have transformed a charming color of purple to which they can be denied no more. He is tied down good and also tight with an anal hook pushed deep in his butt and also his cock drew back between her legs so she can bleed him like a cow. Girlfriend Maya doesn’t just let her slave orgasm at any moment as she ensures to prolong it as long as feasible maintaining him on the edge of climax. He better give a huge load of cum or Mistress Maya will certainly recognize he has actually cheated throughout his month of rejection. When she lastly enables him the contentment of releasing all that cum from his ripe balls his load is larger than ever confirming he has been a loyal bitch. No orgasm ever goes to waste as she makes him lick everything up knowing just how much he hates the preference of his very own orgasm.

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