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I like fucking with your manhood. What I have familiarized regarding it, is that it’s not as sturdy as I had actually visualized it most likely was. LOL I mean, you’re so weak. you are so. flexible. Hang the ideal thing in front of you and also you are complete anxious sphere of putty. It’s in fact extraordinary however the much more I learn more about you, you are quite simple. you create an excellent play thing. Delightful because you are a genuine human. however simply an easily controllable one.

I fool you, informing you I will certainly let you prayer My shock brand-new footwear, but just if I wrap you all up … I know all of your stupid kinky weak points! Yet oops, I lied. Well type of. I will present you to My new shoes … you’re going to get to recognize them VERY well. I simply neglected to consist of the entire part of Me abusing your penis as well as balls prior to I allow you prayer MY NEW SHOES(along with an incredibly HOT REWARD). I suggest they’re brand-new. you actually require to understand why you are venerating them. After your suggestion, you will be a lot more pleased during worship.

You praise Me because you are under Me. If you weren’t you, you would not be looking at Me where you are RIGHT NOW.

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