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HeadMistress Ravyn Alexa has actually been training a servant to be a complete human toilet. She started him off as an ass kisser, which brought about ass prayer, which led to ass consuming and also rectal tongue fucking. Currently, She requires to take the following step if he is to be able to totally take in whatever from his Owner’s stunning body. So She wants him to begin smelling – and also eventually appreciating – Her flatulent emissions, Her FARTS.

The servant has actually been chained by the hands expenses in the dungeon, in sensory starvation to guarantee he does not know what’s coming. Miss Ravyn comes in and introduces to the slave what is going to take place, while She attaches a big black sphere gag into the servant’s mouth. She pulls down Her skirt as well as tells him:

” You have actually been trained to be my commode slave, yet I don’t seem like you have actually been placing in much of an effort, so we’re gon na step things up today. I’m gon na ensure you don’t have a selection yet to inhale every bit of my farts. The asparagus casserole I had last evening is returning to me. Let’s see exactly how you like it the 2nd time around. Prepare yourself to suck it up, slave!”

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