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We love how this scene opens. You have an upward view of the slave leaning over a discipline bench, you hear the rapid steps of stilettos on the floor and then Miss Xi’s leg comes quickly into view and up between the slaves legs, landing squarely on his nuts. As the slave buckles to the floor Xi laughs and looks to the camera, explaining there is no better way to break in a pair of new shoes than by using them to bust a slaves nuts. She kicks the slaves from front and back and digs her stiletto into his balls, and even knees him repeatedly before making him carry her on his back like a pony to the stairs where she sits down and makes him stand in front of her.

There she delivers even more kicks until she is worn out and tells him to crawl up the steps to the bedroom… as she kicks him some more from behind. Over 75 hard kicks to his battered testicles.

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