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Miss Jasmine comes down the stairs looking sexy and radiant. “Oh that was hot, I can never get enough sex” she says, her beautiful melon shape breasts falling out of her dress. As she reaches the bottom of the steps her slave comes into camera view, naked, cold, and laying on the floor, ready to be subjected to her cruel whims. “I can also not get enough of hurting men” she says. She jumps up on her slave and starts to walk all over his body including stomping his cock. Jasmine starts talking about her evening ahead, which will include dancing and she starts to dance on her bitch who is doing his best not to make much noise from the pain her weight is inflicting on him.

She rubs a foot over his face and then sort of forgets about him as she starts to share some stories with you of recent travel, sexual encounters, and so on. She steps over her slaves face and tells him to admire her freshly fucked pussy. You can admire it too. Great upward angles will make you feel you are the slave on the floor. Now she moves about his body even more and giggles at the pain she is causing him. This slave actually prefers getting kicked repeatedly in the nuts over being trampled if you have ever wondered how the pain of a woman on you might feel compared to other forms of punishment. “I like to fuck and hurt men, my life is pretty simple” Jasmine explains. To insure the slave has pleasant memories of the encounter Jasmine makes sure to give him some good hard kicks to his groin as well.

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