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Miss Raevyn is lounging on her recliner and tells you to crawl in to lick her feet as they are dirty. “You know what else a Goddess shouldn’t have dirty?” she asks you. Armpits! She lifts her arms and you can see her sweet perky breasts through the fabric as she runs her hand over her pits. “Would you like to lick them?” she asks you, already knowing your reply. She removes her shirt and tells you not to gawk but to fix your eyes on her armpits instead. She tells you to bring your nose up and to sniff deep.

She then directs you to the other armpit. “I want that smell in your nose all day” she tells you. Isn’t it exciting being so close to her face and lips yet arousing knowing you get nothing but her dirty stinky body parts. “Show me your desperation, how bad you want it, how you’ll do anything to taste them”. Now she tells you to press your tongue in her pit and to hold it there in one spot. Next she gives you specific directions how to lick up and down and she reminds you to not get close to her tits. She moves you from one pit to the other and humiliates you a bit as well. Raevyn talks about her upcoming night on the town and says while you will be cold in your dark cage, “At least you will have the taste of me on your mouth.”

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