kac wasnt it hot


Miss Lydia commands her slave to lick her sweaty pits. She hasn’t showered in 2 days, and wants to be fresh and presentable for when her boyfriend shows up. The slave is quick to obey, knowing he will be punished if he doesn’t do a good job. In fact, this bitch gets all the nasty tasks: From licking cum out of Lydia’s pussy after she gets fucked by her boyfriend to licking her ass. Lydia knows this slave is besotted with her, and she cruelly teases him about the likelihood of him ever getting HIS cock inside of her……which of course, is nil! The slave is forced to admit that he felt jealous watching his Goddess get pounded by another man. As she relaxes on the bed while the slave licks her pits, Lydia plays with herself, anticipating tonight’s romantic adventures with the BF. Just to make sure she is extra clean, she has her slave clean her feet as well. Her stud will be here any minute!

Mistress: Miss Lydia

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