Summer Day

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Oral & Asslicking

FemdomEmpire – Locked Pussy Pleaser – Summer Day 

Slaves should always serve selflessly, especially when it comes to pleasure which is why Mistress Summer keeps her boys locked in chastity. With his cock properly caged away, her slave has officially been reduced into nothing but a mouth made for licking. She orders him to stick out his long tongue and get to work while she smothers and grinds her wet cunt all over his face to orgasm.

Handjob & Milking

FemdomEmpire – Dick Draining – Summer Day 

Mistress Summer Day allows her slave the reward of having his cock drained, but she insists on teasing him thoroughly first. She jerks his cock right by her pussy then slides it in between her asscheeks. Summer keeps building up his load, she puts on a cock milking machine to bring him right to the edge. Mistress Summer finally pushes him over the edge and gives him an intense orgasm.

Foot Worship

Clubstiletto – A Perfect Summer Day – Mistress Irene 

As this scene opens, Mistress Irene enjoys a lovely summer day outside and uses her slave as a footstool. She says she keeps the slave out of the sun because she likes her slaves white and pasty looking. She soon gets him on his knees to lick her dirty feet and give her a nice foot massage. “A slave should have many functions” she says. After all, being a footstool is hardly a skill one can expect to get by…

Female Domination

Femdom Empire – Summer Day – Chastity Nightmare 

  Every slave wishes and dreams to have their cock locked up by a beautiful Sex Goddess like Summer Day. That is until their fantasy becomes a reality and are teased to the point of extreme sexual frustrations like they have never felt before. Mistress Summer makes sure to give her slave’s freshly locked cock the full taste of his worst chastity nightmare!

Handjob & Milking

Femdom Empire – Summer Day – If You Cum, You Eat It 

  I am playing a fun game with my sub, I am trying to force the cum out and he is trying to hold back. He knows something awful will happen if he cums, but my hands feel too good wrapped around his cock. He is going to be edged and teased. The only way I will allow him to cum is if he eats it all! I don’t care that he doesn’t want to eat his own cum, thats…

Oral & Asslicking

Femdom Empire – Summer Day – Worship Duties 

  Mistress Summer comes home from a long day of training men. Summer’s personal slave is kept in the dungeon, chained in bondage, permanently in chastity and always ready to please. She peels up her skin tight dress revealing her bare pussy, she orders he get in his worship position. Summer likes to have an orgasm before going to bed, it makes her sleep better. The slave lays down on his back with his tongue out & ready for her…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Femdom Empire – Summer Day – The cuckolds place 

  If you want to be around a slutty princess such as myself you need to learn your place as my cuck-boy. Stare at my doll-parts yearning to serve what other men get to have. I want you on your knees begging to worship my pussy after studs get done fucking my brains out. Beat off knowing you will only ever be my cuckold.. Worshipping what you will never truly have, ME! Be a good boy and eat all your…


Femdom Empire – Summer Day – Full of Cock 

  I am looking extra sexy in my laced up bodysuit, my slave wants to do anything to please me. My strap-on bitch bent over the horse begging me for a good pegging. He asked for a good fucking so I am going to give it to him! I push my long purple cock deep inside his ass as he squeals from being so full of cock. He is going to learn the meaning of submission. XO-Summer Day


Femdom Empire – Summer Day – Her Suffering Ashtray 

  Mistress Summer never lets her slave forget how little she thinks of him, and it turns her on to crush his spirit by constantly making him suffer. She enjoys the power she has over the slave, and one of the degrading things she finds most amusing is using him as her human ashtray. Blowing smoke in his face, knocking all the ash off onto his tongue, and putting the still burning hot cigarettes out on his tongue delightfully prove…

Handjob & Milking

Femdom Empire – Summer Day – Endless Slave Milking 

  Her slave has not been milked in a long time and Mistress Summer is in the mood to allow him cum. Of course, because he is a slave, she will not allow him to cum in any normal or dignified way.Instead she will drain his balls mechanically. He is bound in the milking chair with his cock exposed and ready for the milking machine. She feeds his hard cock into the fake orifice and starts the piston pumping, telling…


Femdom Empire – Summer Day – Blondes do it better! 

  Mistress Summer has had her boy toy slave locked in chastity for a long time and knows he is desperate to be released. She just might relent and unlock him, but only if he proves himself to her satisfaction first. It won’t be easy as she intends to put him through a long strapon ordeal with her huge cock. He needs to take it properly and without complaint or he can forget his reward. For her it is fun…


Sex And Submission – Jul 8, 2016 – Xander Corvus and Summer Day 

  When hot and slightly snooty Summer Day starts her very own first real estate company, her rich daddy seeds her venture with a freshly acquired parcel of rental units in the Potrero district of San Francisco. The entire block has been evicted and is ready to be gentrified by Summer’s new company, but there is one stubborn tenant that will not vacate. Summer is determined to close this deal and make her daddy proud. She is fed up waiting…

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