Nikki Daniels

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Female Domination, Foot Jobs, Handjob & Milking

TheVenusGirls – October 9, 2019 – Nikki Daniels, Kyle Stone, Jack Vegas 

DOUBLE COCK CONTROL – GODDESS NIKKI DANIELS CONTROLS THEM ALL “YOU ARE NOT CUMMING UNTIL I SAY SO. DOUBLE COCK DIRTY CUM DRAINING.” GODDESS NICKI HAS 2 COCKS TO CONTROL AND SHE DECIDES WHEN THEY CAN CUM. She uses her feet, she rubs her ass on one cock while twisting the other. She likes to do it rough. She gets them close with her feet and then stops. When the two dicks jizz, She ruins it with her hand.


Dungeon of Cum – Watching – Nikki Daniels 

  An ordinary couple, with some rather unordinary desires, takes to seeking outside assistance in their romantic endeavors…They then decide take a trip to a “specialist”…While making their way to their destination, it becomes apparent that they are progressing forth into something just a little bit different than they may have expected…They open the door and walk into a dark and gloomy hallway…Maybe this is the wrong place? Suddenly, everything blurs, Nikki’s man finds himself locked in a chamber with…


Society SM – Prima Donna Hot – Nikki Daniels 

  Nikki Daniels is an adventurous woman…and I just love women who are hot enough to be prima donnas but aren’t…that shows level-headed character…although she looks like an olive skinned, raven haired, greek goddess, Nikki is really an all American girl…that super rare hottie that plays third base on your summer league sotfball team, doesnt mind getting dirty, and can party right along with the fellas…and she can doll herself up to look like a playboy model…I mean…just like a…


Cum Bots – Sucking and Fucking Part II – Nikki Daniels 

  Nikki may have gotten a bit more than she bargained for the second time around…This time we situate her doggy style and get her bound and ready for her Machine fucking. Mr. Vegas once again takes the reigns and as the Invader builds up, it’s full steam ahead as he buries his shaft in Nikki’s face.


Cum Bots – Sucking and Fucking – Nikki Daniels 

  Tied tight and spread wide, Nikki struggles with the Cumbot between her thighs…She surely has no clue as to what shall come next but, it’s not going to take her very long to find out…Enter Mr. Vegas who flips the switch, sending little Nikki into immediate sensory overload…He has a few more tricks up his sleeve though as he begins to paw at Nikki’s tightly confined little body. Then, he feeds her some cock which she greedily swallows.

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Strap-on

Girls Abuse Guys – Shy Girl 

  It’s Aubrey’s birthday and because her friends Holly and Nikki are concerned about how shy she is with guys, they decide to get her a naked guy as a present. He walks in and they announce that he is her own personal fuck toy to do whatever she wants with. But to their surprise, Aubrey doesn’t want him to fuck her – she wants to fuck him and wants her friends to join in! The guy is less than…

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