Maya Sinstress

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Count clips: 17

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Ball Destruction – Kicking And Slapping 

Maya Sinstress starts off by offering servant sweetheart some warm up kicks. This cbt slut remains in for it. Rapidly, the kicks obtain more challenging and meaner. Sinstress presses his dick with her toes in-between decking his spheres. Sweetheart supports himself as long as he but her kicks maintain obtaining more challenging. Miss Maya lifts up his dick to obtain straight slaps to his balls. He can hardly count each put. His rounds get actually purple as well as inflamed….

Foot Worship

MistressMayaSinstress – Eat your Cum off My Feet 

Maya Sinstress has an adoring slave on the ground underneath her. He did a very good job serving her for the day and is allowed a reward. He has a huge foot fetish & she allows him to worship her soles. He is allowed to jerk off and cum, but there is a catch. He has to eat his cum off her soles. Of course, he obliges. He strokes away while sucking Miss Maya’s toes and cums on her feet….

CBT & Ballbusting, Handjob & Milking

MissMayaSinstress – Triple Stuffed Sissy Cock 

In part 3 of this series, Candi Cumdump is tied to the gurney with her slutty legs spread apart. Maya Sinstress is going to continue discipling the rubber sissy by stuffing up her cock. She uses heavy rosebud sounds to fuck her Candi’s dick hole from the inside out. The little slut sighs in pleasure and pain as Sinstress stuffs her up. One sound is just not enough. Sinstress adds a second and then a third sound. Her sissy clit…


MistressMayaSinstress – Vera and Maya Tickle Attack 

Miss Vera Lamarr and Miss Maya Sinstress want to see if the rumors are true: Is Jimmy as ticklish as they’ve heard? They restrain him and slowly uncover all of his most sensitive spots. Jimmy tries to hold back, but these Mistresses laugh just as hard as Jimmy while they viciously attack each of his tickle zones. Can Jimmy survive this brutal eleven minutes of straight tickling?


MistressMayaSinstress – Spittoon & Ashtray to Kendra & Maya 

  Red Headed Vixen Kendra James visits Maya Sinstress in Chicago. As a gift Sinstress presents Her with a slave to use as She wishes. Kendra decides he would only be useful as an ashtray and spittoon. They light up Misty 120 cigarette and puff away. The Ladies verbally degrade the slave and teach him how to be a useful ashtray. The slave sits with his mouth open, trying desperately to catch all the ash and spit. Kendra & Maya…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Mistress Maya Sinstress – Ass Smother Addict 

  You love curvy dominant Women such as Me. An hourglass figure makes you so weak. You want to kiss, taste & bury your face in My ass, showing your devotion. I’m going to turn your fetish into an addiction & torture you with it. I’m going to smother you with My pantyhose covered ass and pussy. Take some deep sniffs and breaths before I completely smother you, taking your breath away. Can you cum before you run out of…

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