Luna Wulf

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SocietySM – Luna Loves Impact – Luna Wulf 

Luna has come to be a real BDSM caring base … Im uncertain if she comes back for the fees or her demand to be bound and also penalized … I do not mind in either case … When she turns up, I know I’ll be enjoying … Luna likes impact, as well as I reach go harder as well as take it further with her bound body … There’s no acting at all today … Luna obtains peaceful when…


SocietySM – What Will Become of Luna? – Luna Wulf 

Luna decided to obtain dolled up this morning for her trip to the coffeehouse … Perhaps she got more focus than she desired … Both husky guys lug her into a room to strip her allready bound body as well as gloat over their prize … Luna lets go and accepts her unclear destiny, whaever it is, as the men torture and satisfaction her powerless body.


SocietySM – Her Bound Exploration – Luna Wulf 

At first, Luna appeared to primarily appreciate the effect play that I gave out on her … Currently, it seems, she enjoys being bound too… It’s extremely fascinating, taking a gorgeous girl on her own exploration of BDSM and also with Luna, it is likewise my pleasure.


DungeonCorp – Dominating Luna – Luna Wulf 

The lovely Luna is back, not only because I wanted the chance to dominate her again, but because she wanted more…As it turns out, this sexy little beast enjoys being the object in my orchestration of BDSM…She likes the bondage tight and the impact, hard…it’s very easy to give her exactly what she wants.


DungeonCorp – Luna’s Struggles – Luna Wulf 

Luna is a petite model with a killer body and exotic face…her eyes are quite mesmerizing…I was prepared for a fluffy primadonna, but I should have known, with a name like Wulf, that she would be much more…and she is…Luna ia struggler…no matter how tight the bondage is, Luna will be pulling and trying to escape…she turns out to be very tough and very orgasmic, almost passing out from the intensity of the vibrator..

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