Krissy Lynn

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Tied For Tickling – Spread for Fun – Krissy Lynn 

  Krissy Lynn is such a sex pot…I love to get chics like Krissy tied up spread eagle…a great way to feature their outrageous bodies and expose their precious pussies…and watching them thrash around isnt bad either…John Paul gives Krissy a bit of a tickle, and then a round with the magic wand…tickling does seem to increase the bodies sensitivities and Krissy is cumming soon after the vibing begins.


Perfect Slave – Struggle to Cum – Krissy Lynn 

  Krissy has some beautiful, massive boobs that’s no secret… In this next installment of her shoot with Perfect Slave, we take full advantage of her mammory prowess… We bind her tits tightly, what a sight! We position her on the table. She squirms as the vibe is switched on. Krissy’s struggles have just begun. She puts on quite the show as this beautiful Damsel submits before our eyes…


Perfect Slave – Blonde, Bound, Begging – Krissy Lynn 

Krissy’s body leaves very little to be desired. In fact, it’s pretty much perfect. She’s a busty blonde California type and we were eager to see that body unveiled and what she would give us. We bound her massive tits tightly…what a sight! We watched her writhe a bit before we spread her legs and tied her tightly. She reacts exactly as we had hoped as she realizes she must relinquish control. Her gyrations are mesmerizing. Her titlts back as…


Hardtied – Feb 11, 2015: Bossy Bitch | Krissy Lynn | Jack Hammer 

You can’t see them through her button down, but Krissy Lynn is packing a set of tits that would make anyone jealous. They aren’t just big, they are perfect. These are the kind of magnificent breasts that you hear described in frat boy stories and penthouse letters. The second we take them out they are in bondage and presented for play time. Some girls rely on their looks. They don’t have much else going for them. You could easily imagine…


Sexually Broken – Jan 30, 2015 Krissy Lynn | Matt Williams | Maestro 

Busty bubblebutted Krissy Lynn is here for one thing and one thing only. To be used from both ends by big cock until she can not get her eyes uncrossed. Her body and her holes are built for hard rough sex and we are going to put them through their paces. Today Krissy finds out exactly what Sexuallybroken means. She is in for the ride of her life. Blindfolded and handcuffed is the warmup, cutting off her vision and reducing…


Sexually Broken – Jan 14, 2015 Krissy Lynn | Matt Williams | Maestro 

  Krissy Lynn is the big titted whore next door. She is not an overly flashy blonde porn star type, but rather a wholesome girl that just really really loves the dick. And we love her for that fact. Today we throatboard this slut until she can not get her eyes uncrossed. Today she finds out the true definition of Sexuallybroken. Bound down on her knees where she belongs to a custom made wooden bondage device, Krissy’s arms are cranked…

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