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Female Domination, Pegging, Strap-on

SweetFemdom – September 11, 2019 – Lance Hart, Cleo 

Office Strap On Punishment With Cleo Cleo has discovered her employee, Lance Hart, has been making bad numbers. He promises to improve, but his assurance falls on deaf ears. Cleo has a different idea in mind… She has on a strap on and a sparkling bra. Lance is stripped down to nothing. He is finally preparing himself to get fucked, but Cleo gives him no time and shoves her strap on into his ass! Lance moans in pain with each…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Handjob & Milking

SweetFemdom – September 13, 2019 – Cleo, Lance Hart 

Crazy Tease Hand Job With Cleo Cleo has Lance Hart on the couch with her ass shoved in his face. He wants to cum so bad and cannot stop worshipping her ass. She is wearing a leotard, tights, and glasses. Cleo teases his cock and gives him blue balls. “I will just tease you until you cannot take it anymore” taunts Cleo. Lance’s cock is getting harder by the minute! Cleo allows him to cum all over her leotard…

Pegging, Strap-on

Caught With The Maid 

Lance Hart comes home to find the maid that his wife, Goddess Brandon, has hired. Cleo is the maid and scantily dressed in a maid outfit with a feather duster. Lance comes on to the maid and Brandon soon walks in. Now Lance is in a lot of trouble! Brandon wants a divorce and he will do anything to keep her as his wife. He is shoved onto the couch and Brandon gives Cleo permission to kick Lance in the…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Clubdom – Finger Your Ass For Permission To Cum 

  Goddess Cleo is smacking her riding crop in her hand before she commands your pathetic loser ass to get closer to her. She is going to have a bit of fun with your tiny dick. Cleo knows you want to see more of her hot body, and jerk off thinking about being able to touch a Goddess. But a loser like you, with a tiny dicklette, will never be allowed near a tight wet pussy like Goddess Cleo’s. She…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Clubdom – Goddess Cleo – Jerk That Small Penis 

  Goddess Cleo laughs at you stroking your little disgusting cock while just looking at her. She wants you to stroke that little dick for her. Cleo can’t believe that dicklette can get that hard. Goddess Cleo knows you want to touch her, to suck on her titties, but she just laughs at you, a pathetic loser thinking they have a chance to get with a hot Goddess. You’re lucky she’s letting you look at her while you stroke that…

Shoe & Boots

Clubdom – Goddess Cleo – A Good Boot Bitch 

  Goddess Cleo knows what her boot slut wants, and opens his cage to tease him with the boots. She sits on his cage and commands him to lick the dirty bottoms of her boots. Cleo’s boot slut sucks like a good little boot whore. He uses his tongue to clean her boots at his Goddess’s will. Goddess Cleo wants him to suck her heel like he sucks cock, and uses her heel too. Cleo commands her slave to stroke…

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Goddess Cleo – Beg For A Good Caning 

  Goddess Cleo calls her slave over, and asks him what his sole purpose is; to serve his goddess in any way. Cleo has him get up on the caning chair. His ass is so plain and boring, but Goddess Cleo is going to change that with her cane. She gives it a few little soft taps to warm it up before making him beg to get caned. She winds up for a good whack and unleashes her cane on…

Face Dildo

Clubdom – Goddess Cleo – 3 Minutes To Cum 

  Goddess Cleo has two of her slaves caged up, and asks which one of them is going to get her off. Goddess Cleo picks one, drags him out, and puts a chindo on him since his cock is too small to please anyone, let alone a Goddess. Her slave has three minutes to get her off, so he better fuck her good with that chindo. Goddess Cleo grabs his hair and pulls his head so that he can learn…

Shoe & Boots

Clubdom – Using Her Boot Whores 

  Goddess Cleo has two of her boot sluts in her dungeon ready to clean her dirty boots. Goddess Cleo loves looking down on her pathetic sluts while they clean her dirty boots with their tongues. Cleo is sitting on their cage with one slave licking and sucking on each of her boots at the same time. Her boot whores love licking and sucking on her boots to make them clean. Goddess Cleo blows her cigarette smoke in one boot…


Clubdom – Goddess Cleo – Beg For My Cock 

  Goddess Cleo comes back to her slave she left in her dungeon and demands he sucks her big black cock. If he doesn’t get her huge cock wet, Goddess Cleo will stick it in his ass dry. Goddess Cleo enjoys making him gag on her thick black strap on cock, and her slave thanks her for letting him suck her dick. Goddess Cleo then lines up her black cock with his man pussy and pushes her cock in balls…

Foot Worship, Oral & Asslicking, Strap-on

Goddess Cleo – Learning A Goddess’s Kinky Appetite – Subby Hubby | Release Date: May 12, 2017 

  Goddess Cleo is throwing a spring break party for two friends. They tell her they are both crazy about Cleo, but she knows they won’t be able to handle her kinky sexuality. She makes a bet with them, and decides to teach them why they won’t be able to handle her. Goddess Cleo has them strip down and puts a collar on them, before she takes a seat and has them worship her feet. Each of them lick and…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Kinky Mistresses – Talking About Slaves Goddess Cleo, Mistress Ava Black 

  Featuring Goddess Cleo, Mistress Ava Black Goddess Cleo and Mistress Ava Black enjoy catching up over adrink. After sharing some illicitdetails their focus turns to the slave attending to his chores as their demeanand belittle his pathetic existence. Parts: 2 Total Duration: 13 minutes 24 seconds Tags: ava, bdsm, cleo, domina, femdom, fetish, goddess, mistress, slave, submissive

Spanking & Whipping

Kinky Mistresses – Whipping And Caning Goddess Cleo, Mistress Ava Black 

  Featuring Goddess Cleo, Mistress Ava Black With the slave bent over for them, Mistress Ava Black andGoddess Cleo batter this slave’s butt, turning it bright red. It gets a nice rosyhue from their handsbefore they deepen its shade with their floggers. Many lashes of the cane follow togive him asouvenir of his time. Parts: 3 Total Duration: 20 minutes 32 seconds Photos: 15 Tags: arse, cane, corporal, corporalpunishment, cp, femdom, mistress, punishment, slave, whip

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