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FemdomEmpire – Eager Anal Slut – Chloe Amour 

Girlfriend Chloe located the ideal rectal slut for her stables that is always damp and also prepared for her dick! Weekly her dicks just get bigger as well as larger for her rubber fuck-doll’s butt to totally engulf. She will not enjoy up until he is extended to the max and taking entire clenched fists deep in his gaping hole.

CBT & Ballbusting

Femdom Empire – Chloe Amour – His Pain, Her Pleasure 

  Good boys know they must suffer in order for their Mistress to receive pleasure! Miss Chloe has her slave’s cock tightly locked in the most brutal chastity cage ever invented. The more her slave screams in agony the more aroused and horny she becomes. He is ordered to lick her sweet pussy and ass to orgasm while enduring the inescapable pain his spiked chastity brings him.

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Strap-on

Femdom Empire – Chloe Amour – Do you like me teasing your cock? | Release Date: Aug 18, 2017 

  I love to tease slave boners, rubbing one finger gently across the erect cock is very fun. Slaves get so horny and desperate when they want to cum and I like to make them wait.. I like to sit on his face and make him lick my pussy when I gently tug at his cock. I edge him so much he his dripping pre-cum. When I finally do let him orgasm it is an intense blast!

Shoe & Boots

Femdom Empire – Chloe Amour – Glossy Boots | Release Date: Jul 27, 2017 

  Chloe is dressed in her crotch-high metal-stiletto boots, slaves cannot help but fall to their knees to worship such a beauty. She sees spots on her glossy boots that only a slaves tongue can polish out. Chloe wants them as shiny as possible for her photo shoot. The slaves job is to lick them properly clean from top to bottom. Even the soles and heels must be perfectly clean. She lets the slave stare at her ass while sucking…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Femdom Empire – Chloe Amour – Cock Claws | Release Date: Jul 10, 2017 

  Mistress Chloe is wearing her sharp metal claws so that she may scratch her slave. She runs the razor sharp talons then against his cock. The slave begs for mercy but she just digs her nails deeper. Mistress Chloe plays a game of tease the prick and vibrates his cock her then pricks his cock head with the pinwheel. His balls are useless except for tormenting for the Mistress’ pleasure.

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Chloe Amour – Multiple Pops – Femdom Empire | Release Date: May 22, 2017 

  You pride yourself on your stamina & high sex drive… I want to put it to a challenge. I want to see if you can orgasm twice back to back. Let’s see how well you do recovering quickly from the first orgasm, getting hard and cumming a second time for me. I will flaunt my sexy body as encouragement to keep stroking past the post orgasm sensitivity to another erection and orgasm. Are you up for the challenge? xx-Chloe…

Oral & Asslicking

Femdom Empire – Chloe Amour – Rubber Gimp Servitude 

  Rubber gimps are the perfect sex slave for a greedy Mistress like Chloe Armour. The pleasure is always about her as she uses her bound and helpless rubber toy to get off anytime she pleases. Being completely trapped in a tight rubber sleep sack is the best place for any slave to be as the focus is always on his Mistress and never about him. Mistress Chloe loves to tease and deny the gimps cock by sliding her wet…

Foot Worship

Femdom Empire – Chloe Amour’s Foot Slave 

  Mistress Chloe knows that her slave is completely submissive to her feet and enjoys making him grovel for the privilege of serving them. Chloe sits majestically on her throne as her slave worships her feet, licking her toes and soles through her nylons. Chloe sadistically rubs her feet against his cock and balls just to get him excited, teasing him with the idea of kissing him. But then she spits in his face instead, amused at the thought she…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Femdom Empire – Chloe Amour – I Want All Your Cum 

  Mistress Chloe orders you to take your cock out of your pants and start stroking it; she wants to see it rock hard and ready to explode a load of cum out of it. Chloe gives you plenty of encouragement, telling you to imagine your cock fucking her breast cleavage, or your face buried deep in her pussy – and her ass. She will tell you exactly how she wants you to jerk your cock until she thinks that…


Femdom Empire – Chloe Amour – Who’s My Anal Whore? 

  Mistress Chloe loves pounding male pussies with her strap-on cock and turning them into complete anal whores, unable to ever have regular sex again and only able to cum with a girl cock in their ass. Chloe has been training this whore for a while, locking his cock in chastity and constantly filling his ass with her cock. The slave thinks he is incredibly lucky to have such a sexy latex clad Mistress fucking him constantly, but Chloe knows…

Female Domination

Femdom Empire – Chloe Amour – Cruel Chastity Teasing 

  Mistress Chloe has had her slave locked in chastity for so long that he is horny and desperate for release – all the better for her to torture and tease him with her sexy body and the possibility of release. Bound, gagged, and helpless, all he can do is suffer as Chloe edges his caged cock, sitting on his face with her crotchless latex outfit to tease him even more with what he can not have. Chloe cruelly teases…

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