Brooke Johnson

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SocietySM – Brooke Tries to Brat – Brooke Johnson 

Brooke has always been a well behaved submissive when it comes to BDSM…and a very tough one at that…She tries on the brat hat today, but it doesnt last long at all…Once I begin to dominate her bound body, she reverts back to her natural state and endures what I have to give like the submissive that she is…


Kink – Brooke Johnson – June 15, 2022 

Brooke Johnson: Grueling Device Bondage Brooke Johnson is one tough slut. The Pope doesn’t waste any time going straight after her and issuing immediate pain. She is held in place with a steel device and a wooden deprivation box. The pain is swift and constant, which fuels her masochistic fire that she so desires. Her body is abused with a constant berating of impact from floggers and other sadistic implements. After her flesh is nice and red from the impact,…


SocietySM – Is the World Going Crazy? – Brooke Johnson 

Some women nowadays just dress crazy in public…what used to be saved for strip clubs, night clubs or even bedrooms is now on display for the daytime masses…Brooke, for instance, relishes in making herself an object in public…that long, thin body and pretty face get her plenty of attention…I really thought Brooke needed to learn a few lessons.


SocietySM – The Lithe, Pretty, Slave – Brooke Johnson 

I thought to myself…what a lithe, pretty woman…what a great slave she would make…I was right…Brooke is a very submissive woman, and she doesnt mind suffering to please….I take my time, keep her bound and have my fun with her pleasure and punishment.


Insex – Neophobia Episode 1 Brooke Johnson 

A nightmare invades Brooke Johnson’s mind. She wakes on a cold basement floor, bound in metal bondage. The metal face mask makes her look like a pig. Then the monster greets her, uses her, and eventually moves her into his lair. Finally, she is moved to the Barn and is transformed into a metal mummy.


Renderfiend – Neophobia Episode 4 – Brooke Johnson 

Brooke is a way of living’r; a professional below for BDSM pornography, and also a massive slut. Additionally, a coder, an ASL interpreter. She is dealing with her third degree in audit. I never assumed I would certainly be able to be paid to do BDSM. When I strolled right into the Insex barn – it was insane; it was Disney Land for BDSM enthusiasts.


Hardtied – Nov 6, 2019: Entwined | Brooke Johnson 

Brooke is bound in four positions entirely with twine. Brooke Johnson has found herself in a bit of a tricky situation. Her hands are wound with a bunch of twine. What seems like a situation she can easily get herself out of is actually much harder than you’d think. Every time she pulls the thin strands bite into her flesh. Her fingers and toes are pulled back making each step and movement painful. With her wrists pulled down to her…

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