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Elle Hunter, Ariel Anderssen – A Visit To Honest Omar’s Restorts 

Elle is the heir to the Hunter Hotel chain fortune. She’s determined to make her mark and take her place on the board. She’s found about a strange exclusive range of hotels and resorts run under an umbrella holding company called Honest Omar’s. Driven to prove herself, she books herself in for a weekend stay, intending to make contact with the management and find out about this mysterious organisation. How do they manage to run such a high-end business with…


MetalBondage – Ariel Anderssen – reverse prayer predicament 

We love to test Ariel Anderssen! This tall blonde bondage diva can handle a lot and she likes to come over to try new and exciting metal bondage positions! Of course, she knows she will be locked in a chastity belt whenever she is visiting (and not just for the duration of the shoot), but we suspect she secretly loves that as well! This week, we suspend her reverse prayer to the ceiling! This is a very tough position, even…


Hannah Claydon & Ariel Anderssen – A New Position For Maid Hannah 

It isn’t that Hannah’s bad at her job. Not really. It’s just that being a maid is so boring. All that cleaning and polishing and tidying, it’s just so easy for her mind to wander. Off into fantasies, fantasies of having her rich and dishy master and mistress start ordering her around in person… not just Mrs. Anderssen, the harried housekeeper, who has to do a lot of picking up the slack whenever Hannah is on the job. Micro-management is…


MetalBondage – FEATURE: Kidnapped ballet dancer 

A new installment in our FEATURE series! The lovely Ariel Anderssen is an accomplished ballet dancer (as well as a very kinky bondage model), and she has done many ballet shoots. We asked her to come over in her ballet outfit and perform a little dance for us. “I don’t think I can do any full splits today”, Ariel said before we started. Well, don’t worry about that. we will help you a little! Ariel woke up in heavy chains,…


BeltBound – The incredible Ariel Anderssen in a reverse prayer! 

Ariel Anderssen loves extreme poses, and she can do a reverse prayer! Usually she does this in rope, but we don’t see any reason why we can’t do this to her in leather straps! Even Ariel thought this was a little strict, but we just gagged her and kept enjoying the view! A super tall blonde bondage model in a leather reverse prayer and ballgag! The problem is: it is too good to let her go. So what to do?…


Double Hogtie, Double Cock-Gag Hell – Ariel Anderssen, Sophia Smith 

My gorgeous best friend Sophia Smith is surely going to let me experiment with tying her up – I’ve been getting all sorts of kinky ideas from the internet, and I soon persuade her to strip down to just her lovely opaque pantyhose and panties. Then I make short work of adding tight ropes to her body, until she’s almost immobilised. Then I get REALLY mean, getting out my terrifying double-cock gag and gagging her tightly with it. She’s humiliated…


MetalBondage – Ariel Anderssen in a RigidCuff predicament 

RigidCuffs are fun! We have a lot of them, and today we are going to combine the RigidFiddle and the RigidSpreader to make Ariel Anderssen’s life very hard. We start by locking her into the fiddle with her arms under her knees. This is a very restrictive position, there is no way she can get her legs out of that. But to make sure, we are adding the RigidSpreader to keep her legs apart. She struggles hard to reach the…


Rival Detectives Ariel Anderssen and Temptress Kate 

Ariel and Kate are rival private detectives investigating the same case. Ariel infiltrates the mysterious farm house and finds his unreasonably kinky stash-no wonder she couldn’t stay married to him, he’s clearly got a big problem! Why one earth would anyone need THREE different colours of rope? Now Ariel has all the evidence she needs for her divorce. But oh no! Kate interrupts Ariel in the middle of her investigation. Ariel may have got there first, but Kate easily overpowers…


Ariel Anderssen – A Bad Romance (Epic Bondage Edit) 

You’re so bitter about our breakup! I’ve come over so that you can sign the final papers for our divorce, and you make me the weirdest offer ever. You want to make some videos to remember me by, and in return you’ll pay me an extra £50,000. That’s an attractive offer, despite the fact that OBVIOUSLY you want the videos to be bondage scenarios, since it’s what turns you on. I think that’s ridiculous, but be my guest! As long…


RestrainedElegance – Ariel Anderssen: Roman Foot Slaves Revolt 

Roman noblewoman Ariel is a callous and cruel mistress to the slaves in her villa. She just loves to tease and torment them, especially the slaves she makes moisturise and massage her feet. The slaves have had enough! They rise up in revolt against her dictatorial rule! They tie her helpless hand and foot so they can take their revenge! Bound and gagged, they grope her and punish the soles of her feet with a heavy rod, administering a harsh…

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