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Female Domination, Strap-on

FemdomEmpire – Take it like a Bitch! – Lacy Lennon 

Mistress Lacy is fired up and established to fuck her slave’s ass until he is a drooling mess of a cock-slut. The even more he begs for mercy, the more challenging Girlfriend Lacy rams her penis deep in his fuck-holes. She wants every opening to be choking on penis while she mercilessly extends him out with her fat penis. Girlfriend Lacy genuinely takes pleasure in damaging a prepared and also powerless slut as he takes it any kind of and…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

FemdomEmpire – Lacy Hates Balls – Lacy Lennon 

Mistress Lacy has actually decided her slave’s rounds are almost useless. The only real usage they have left is giving her with target technique to launch her vicious needs on. The servant’s spheres are now completely locked in a vice as she would certainly enjoy to see them pressed to PoP! right prior to her eyes. Mistress Lacy grabs a hold of her cane and quickly begins to ruin his valuable manhood. The only pleasure her slave obtains is when…


InfernalRestraints – BETWEEN A BARREL AND A HARD PLACE | Calico 

Calico is put on hold by a canvas straight jacket. Calico is stuck. Disorientation is one of the most hard feelings. Putting a person in a placement where they can not see their very own body and also can not touch their own face is very disorienting. Calico is simply a body as well as just a head. What a sexy body and attractive head. She can not see what will take place to her body. She needs to wait,…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

FemdomEmpire – The Gimp Handler – Lacy Lennon 

Mistress Lacy Lennon genuinely loves to make her gimps go entirely insane from being continuously bordered as well as rejected over and over once again. Her gimp seldom reaches cum so he is always in a sexually aggravated mindset thinking it’s another day of experiencing to the strokes of his Owner’s hands. Today is unique though as Mistress Lacy is mosting likely to allow her gimp ultimately allow all that lotion out however it will not be all pleasant. He…


BrutalSessions – Tommy Pistol, Sailor Luna 

Whore Slut Sailor Luna Ass-fucked In Rope Bondage Sailor Luna may be the type of wanton whore who’s all too prepared to do anything is necessary to please a stereotypical male-dominant. Sailor finds herself bound in a straightjacket and isolation hood which leaves her completely unmanageable and exposed to the unkind goals of a brutal taskmaster. After tenderizing her tender skin with an awful electric zapper her dom turns her bum over with a thick leather flogger and narrow wooden…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

FemdomEmpire – Suffer the Edge – Brianna Rose 

Mistress Brianna has a special rubber hood on her slave’s head making it so he must control his breathing at all times. If he squirms too much it will be a lot harder to gasp for air as she slowly edges and strokes his cock. Mistress Brianna guides him into a state of pure relaxation so he can learn how to control his body, mind and especially orgasms. He is not allowed to cum until given permission and Mistress Brianna…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

FemdomEmpire – Recycled Cum Treat – Kiara Cole 

Mistress Kiara Cole lives a green life who believes everything needs to be recycled to save our planet. Her obsession with recycling doesn’t just stop with glass and plastic goods though. She makes sure every last drop of her helpless gimp’s cum is completely recycled back into his body. Mistress Kiara strokes her bondage gimp’s hard cock until he shoots a big load all over her boots and makes him lick it all back up.

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

FemdomEmpire – Emily Willis – Leather Gimp Feeder 

True slave gimps do anything their master wants, especially licking up any and all body fluids produced. As Mistress Emily’s gimp slave he knows that all orgasms will be eaten! She toys with his cock edging him more and more to produce a huge cum load that she can later feed the gimp. He is locked in the straight jacket only allowed pleasure at the hand of his Mistress, bound as an object for her to toy with. Emily strokes…

Female Domination

DivineBitches – Jan 29, 2019 – Gia DiMarco, DJ 

Divine Therapy: Gia DiMarco Uses Unconventional Procedures to Punish DJ, like every other man, is a pig and drain on society. Women are fed up with this bullshit. DJ has been stressed out ever since women have been telling their story. His fragile male ego is crushed and is seeking professional help. The stunning Dr. Gia DiMarco has the perfect unconventional therapy for this loser. She blindfolds DJ and bounds his hand in rope. Unable to move, she unleashes physical…

Female Domination

Divine Bitches – Dec 19, 2017 – Mona Wales, DJ 

  Mona Wales Trains Her New Beta Bitch Boytoy   Beta-male DJ has no idea what’s in store for him when he enters Divine Bitch Mona Wales’ vintage shop. But Mona does. She sees boyfriend potential and wants to know if he can serve. She starts with bullying him into a straight-jacket. Once he’s bound, she gets him on his knees, worshiping her beautiful stocking clad feet. DJ is so taken aback by this goddess, he acquiesces to her every…


Top Grl – Apr 18, 2017: Nurse Fluffy | Slave Fluffy | London River 

  Nurse Fluffy has been called to care for OT’s wife while he is out on a business trip. When Fluffy is introduced to London he can tell right away that she is severely disturbed. She must be kept in a straight jacket at all times. She is aggressive, hyper sexual, and her mood shifts uncontrollably. She harasses him constantly while he performing his care taking duties, even when he threatens to shock her with the only tool at his…

BDSM, Latex & Rubber

Infernal Restraints – Apr 19, 2017: Creep Play | Sierra Cirque 

  A dreamy week of delightful play Trips to the county fair are always resourceful. The animals are wonderful and there is that undertone of care and love they receive. The tools of husbandry are especially interesting and one device has always fired my imagination: the grooming table.   It is with such delight and reflection I stand over her now, enjoying a good Camel smoke. She is most beautiful with a black latex smother hood stretched over her head….


Sexually Broken – Apr 1, 2016 London River | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer | Maestro 

  Everyone loves London River. And how can you not? Her extreme flexibility, earth shattering orgasms and general willingness to throw herself at everything with no holds barred makes her a keeper. London is fun.   In order to give this sensation slut the experience she so deeply craves, we bring 3 different cocks to the table. It really is the only chance we have against a sexual animal like London. Oh and the blindfold and straightjacket helps too. Once…


Sexually Broken – Jan 27, 2016 Alyssa Lynn | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer 

  Alyssa Lynn is a delight. Her big breasts and eager holes are unstoppable. The big blue eyes. Those puffy blow job lips. The genuine love of the sex. We are going to have fun today. Time to put this MILF through her paces as only Sexuallybroken can. We start off with binding our toy in a bolero straightjacket from the stockroom that exposes her massive breasts in a perfect display. The straightjacket keeps her bound but leaves her holes…

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