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Clubstiletto – Everyone Will See – Lady Katy 

School-girl Katy falls straight back to the chaise couch expressing her frustration in how far she hates school and also the educators. She did not perform her chem prep now the educator continues to be milling her gears. Luckily she’s attracted her laboratory partner dwelling with her to accomplish her home job but until she’s him reach she has told him to take off his clothes and come back straight back and pamper her original. She calls him in to…

Sock worship and Sockjobs

Men Are Slaves – Princess Lyla – Your New Name Is Fluffy 

  The girls often rename their male pets when they take ownership of them. It’s almost like they are branding them, customizing their male slave to their personal taste. This slave gets loaned around quite a bit and is used regularly by the girls so he will happily serve Lyla as a good male should. That’s why he sits there quietly and obediently as Lyla tells him of the tasks he will be doing as he signs a new slavery…

Sock worship and Sockjobs

Men Are Slaves – Keep Smelling Them Miss Daisy 

  Don’t Miss Daisy’s socks smell good? All that accumulated sweat over the course of the day is soaked deep into the fabric of her socks and must smell delicious to this slave. But who cares even if doesn’t, she has taped his mouth shut and has the shocker wrapped tightly around his cock so he has no choice but to comply with her whims anyways.

Sock worship and Sockjobs

Men Are Slaves – Toes Got Your Nose 

  The slave is for the moment done with his chores, but that doesn’t mean Goddess Nikki permits him to go do whatever he wants. Instead she repurposes his face as a foot stool. For one it humiliates him by forcing him to fill his lungs only with her foot scent filtered through her smelly athletic socks. But his face also conveniently acts as a foot warmer, keeping her delicate feet all comfortable and warm while she relaxes and watches…

Foot Worship

Men Are Slaves – Meet Matilda 

We had some emails about Matilda after that clip we posted just a few days ago. So, meet Matilda. We gave her the camera for this clip and let her film with one of her piglets. Matilda may look like a young sweet girl, but she firmly believes in the enslavement of the male and how men exist to be servants of women. As such she owns many male piglets like this one that she shares with other dominant women….

Sock worship and Sockjobs

Adore Her Feet – Relief Princess Jessie 

This slave needs to move his face, Jessie has to pee after all. He’s not supposed to be looking up at her while she relieves herself, he just needs to have his face act as a resting place for her feet. Sniff those socks and serve as her footstool like a good slave while she uses the toilet, that’s this slave’s purpose in life right now.

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