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Female Domination

Sadie Holmes Fucking Castration 

  Goddess Sadie Holmes is actually going to fuck her slave. She is actually going to allow him to be inside of her. He must have really impressed her, plus, it’s a waste of a big cock. Sadie has one condition and that is the slave is NOT allowed to cum. If he does, she is going to take his balls. That’s correct, she is going to take his pathetic balls right off of him via castration! Sadie moans with…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Multiple Milkings 

  Bodily Autonomy. It’s a term used to describe the social expectation that your body is your own. That you get to have say about what happens to your body or what you do with it. Unfortunately for you, you do not benefit from this ideal. You are a slave. Your body belongs to me. Your orgasms belong to me. You don’t get to slack off and do just the things you would have been doing anyways. No. You’re going…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Domina 

  You didn’t realize how lost you were until you found someone who put your life in perspective. You didn’t realize how foggy and meaningless your life was until you found me. You didn’t know what true submission was until you met me. Now you’ve experienced my true dominant nature and nothing else will satisfy. Your body craves to be subject to my sadistic whims. Your cock aches to be teased and tortured by my wondrous body. Your mind longs…

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