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“Kat And Platinum – Milf And Stepdaughter Mercilessly Flay Loser Husband” 

Platinum whips her new hubby in front of her 19-year-old, Kat. Her brand-new other half needs to comprehend that his new stepdaughter is now in charge of him. Whatever she claims goes. If Platinum’s brand-new partner doesn’t go along with what Kat desires, then Platinum will harm him till he breaks down. Platinum reveals her 19-year-old just how to beat a loser. It’s something every teenager girl need to learn in your home. The loser needs to lick his stepdaughter’s…

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BegToCum – I Want You To Fuck My Hand – Queen Kat 

Queen Kat has no pity on the men she owns and controls. They are hers to use as she sees fit, which is why she loves to edge and deny them for days on end. She will torment this slave with the chance of an orgasm but it’s unlikely she will allow one, since men perform better when they are hungry and horny.

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DatesGoneWrong – Toby’s Blind Dates Sister Gets Payback (PT 1) 

  Toby Springs is about to to be arriving at his blind dates house. As he knocks on the door he is startled when no other then Maia Evon, his ex-girlfriend standing right in front of him. She yanks Toby in and throws him on the floor startled he has a shocked look on his face as Maia begins to explain that his date is her sister and he should have known this. So before Maia’s sister gets back from…

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