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Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Show Me How Desperate And Pathetic You Are 

  Russian Queen M is sitting while her slave kneels at her feet in a dog mask and chastity. She tells him that because he has taken his beating so well she might actually let him cum. “Although there is no need for you to ever come” she reminds him. She then has him show his devotion by licking her boots and if he gets them clean enough he might be allowed to cum. She tells him others have licked…


Clubstiletto – Give Me A Good Ride Or Get Your Balls Busted 

  Russian Goddess M has her slave horse face on all fours and is riding him about the bedroom while Miss Xi relaxes on the bed. She uses her crop on him and directs him around the room, using her crop on him when not satisfying her demands. He does stops and turns, moves forwards and backwards, and he manages to give her an even ride so she can relax without fear of falling off of him.   At one…

Foot Worship

Clubstiletto – Champagne For Us, Feet, Dirt, Spit, Cum and Humiliation For You 

  Russian Queen M and Miss Xi just love treating men like and in this scene we find them frolicking in the jacuzzi tub. They holler at their slave horse face wondering why he is so slow with their champagne. As he arrives and hands them their drinks they mock him for still having the taste of another mans cum in his mouth as seen in the clip ‘My Ass Smells Like Sex Now Cum Thinking About Him Fucking Me’….

CBT & Ballbusting, Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Spitting

Clubstiletto – Stifle His Screams With Your Ass 

  Miss Xi and Russian Queen M are again mocking their slave for his small cock. M flogs it as well as his nipples while Miss Xi shows her disdain for him by digging her heel into his cock and balls and also uses her crop on his small member. In the presence of two beautiful women you’d think he’d have a raging boner but no it’s all shrivelled up like a miniature snail. They tell him the cock is…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering

Clubstiletto – Dirty Feet And Sweaty Pits For Horse Face 

  Russian Queen M has named her slave horse face after having him in a horse mask earlier in the day and deciding the name suited him, mask or not. She is hot and sweaty after a hard day of slave discipline and she tells horse face she wants him to crawl to her and lick all the sweat off of her. As he gets on the bed she grabs his face as if he’s a mutt and makes him…

Foot Worship, Shoe & Boots

Clubstiletto – Humiliated Pin Dick Is Their Human Stool And Foot Licker 

  Miss XI and Russian Goddess M look totally regal sitting on the couch, crops in hand. As they discuss plans for the day, we see they have their feet up on their human foot stool. XI notices a scuff on her stiletto so they swat the stool and tell the stupid slave to get down and lick the shoe clean. Queen M encourages him by saying if he does a good job cleaning XI’s shoes, she will let him…


Clubstiletto – Little Bitch Fucked In All His Holes 

  Russian Queen M and Goddess Mia have one slave locked in the cage while they have fun with another. Both of the girls are sporting huge black cocks and the slave is clearly excited as he is rock hard… his cock looking so tiny next to the ladies. He is ordered to take Mia’s cock in his mouth and they are pleased at how deep he can take it. Queen M slaps his cock and tells him that he…

Foot Worship

Clubstiletto – Russian Queen M, Princess Mia – Foot Bitch Blows A Load | Release Date: Aug 23, 2017 

  Goddess Mia and Russian Queen M have their slave locked up in the floor box and walk all over him. He has to lick and suck their feet and also be abused by them. M decides the slave must have a dry mouth from all that licking so she gives him a couple good drinks by taking water in her mouth and spitting it into his. Eventually they decide they are going to let the slave shoot a load……

Face and Body Sitting Smothering

Clubstiletto – Russian Queen M, Princess Mia – Two Asses Too Many | Release Date: Aug 20, 2017 

  Sexy duo Russia Queen M and Goddess Mia have their dumb slave laying on the discipline bench and decide to make him fight for air. While M sits on the slaves stomach to keep him in place, Mia pulls up her skirt and brings her amazing full ass down on his face. Before long the little bitch is kicking for air and Mia gets up and down to keep him in constant need. They tell him to beg for…

Foot Worship

Clubstiletto – Russian Queen M, Princess Mia – Boot Shoe And Foot Bitch | Release Date: Aug 5, 2017 

  Russian Queen M and Goddess Mia are chatting about their favorite topic, how useless men are. “Take this doormat for example” M says as Mia asks the slave if he’s ready to be abused. Naturally he replies “yes” and the Ladies waste no time getting started. They make him suck their stiletto heels and tell him that they will be bringing men over later and he will have to suck their cocks so he better work on his skills….

Spanking & Whipping

Clubstiletto – Russian Queen M – Roses Are Red Your Butt Is Too | Release Date: Jul 29, 2017 

  Sexy and cruel Russian Queen M has her chastised puppy on a leash and leads him into the room looking amazing in her PVC outfit. She tells him to sit and then tells him he is there only to please her and will do whatever she tells him too. She wraps her legs around his neck and tells him to keep his eyes down as he is not good enough to look at her. Once she has properly addressed…

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