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Female Domination, Riding

TheEnglishMansion – Ridden Hard – Lola Ruin 

Mistress Lola is training and riding her pony in the paddock. She starts off with the pony cart, hitching him up and taking a fast ride around the course, lap after lap, really testing his fitness. She then takes him for a shoulder ride enjoying the elevated view of the beautiful countryside, her spurs cajoling him in the correct direction and speed. As a reward she relaxes with a cigarette and allows him to worship her boots, after this hard…

Female Domination, Riding

DieSadistin – Three Girls – One Carriage 

Controling males is enjoyable. It is also funnier, to control them with my sweethearts. So when Nikki and also me satisfied Domina Katharina in munich, we had a great deal of enjoyable! I always intended to take pleasure in a horse trip on a carriage, so we utilized our plump horse as a carriage horse. However simply pulling the wagon is not enough – the horse has to pull all 3 of us with his rounds! Yet this was not…

Female Domination, Riding

Today’s Forecast, Pony with intermittent Ass and Foot Worship 

Ms Sinstress is in the lawn riding her servant on all fours. She comments that her horse has a bad front leg however she anticipates rides from him every now and then none the much less. The pony works his way across the backyard and then back and after that is reversed for an additional lap. Sinstress spanks him to help him along. Ultimately the servant stumbles and also falls. Sinstress whacks his ass as well as says he’s fortunate…

Female Domination, Riding

Clubstiletto – Ridden and Flogged – Goddess Amelia 

Siren Amelia has actually decided to educate her servant to be a pony. She is going back to square one with this bad nag yet desires him all set for summertime when she can take him outdoors as well as ride for hours. He’s obtained a long way to go so along with riding it indicates using the plant to his back quarters, also. When she flights him to the point of exhaustion and also he collapses she flogs him…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

QueenSnake – JUMPING JACK – HOLLY 2017 October 28 

A new suspension/hoist setup has actually been made as well as Holly is the very first to experience it. The concept is simple, various things, a batch of chains, threaded rods, as well as the acquainted tack cushioned tube are affixed to a frame which can be brought up and also down using the electric hoist. The add-on then cuts into the expanded vaginal area of the victim who is standing over it, legs spread apart.


Sensual Pain – Lovi Butt Toys V008 1 Anal 1 Pussy | Abigail Dupree 

Masturbate with me – Lovi Butt Toys is a succession of videos showing the anal sex servant in training, completely usage by the Lord ⁄ Mistress moreover to those the belongings are leased to, in or out of a D ⁄ S connection. Common Masturbation Urged. View rectal sex servant Abigail Dupree fuck her excellent butt, her butthole is always insatiable, hungry to be filled. A skilled women slut, money grubbing to be informed how you like it done. What…


SensualPain – Gooning Watching Illegal Porn | Abigail Dupree 

An hour of sex-related Self pleasure while seeing Illegal taboo pornography on the dark internet I Goon with two equine dick replicas while speaking about personal experiences in a couple of points that most would certainly or might not talk about. I even use my significant rectal Passage Plug, a have to see!

Female Domination, Riding

Mistress Gaia – Dildo Pony 

I have my slave ready to receive some pony training. I thought I would try a novel way to give him some added incentive. So I have a large dildo to hand, and I’m going to use it on my ponyboy. With him already in the saddle and waiting, and as you can see I have placed him on the bench near the wall. His dildo has a sucker at the end, and I’m going to make sure it doesn’t…

Riding, Spanking & Whipping

Mistress Gaia – Old And New Pony Slave 

I have a new pony slave today and I want to use him together with my old one, to compare them and decide which one to keep at my service. I start with new pony in the standing position. I soon notice that he cannot raise his knees in a proper pony gait. Then I test him on all fours but my weight is clearly to much for him and soon is too tired even to walk. Let’s switch to…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Riding

Clubstiletto – It’s Hot and Wet and Wonderful – Mistress Kandy 

Mistress Kandy calls her slave in on his knees and tells him to sniff her pussy. Unsatisfied with his efforts of late she has decided he will be close when she pees but not as close as he likes. Instead of being her toilet he will be her bath mat while she uses the porcelain toilet instead. Kandy has a busy day ahead for her slave and says if he works hard maybe he’ll get to taste her nectar lately….

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