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BondageJunkies – Hana vs. The Cooldown 

Hana starts with her arms pulled back, almost into a reverse prayer.From there her legs and ankles are tied and pulled into a hogtie. Drool spills out of her gagged mouth as she is precariously perched on two high chairs. When she complained earlier about being hot I suspect she was expecting a cool drink. Instead I hoist her to the floor onto the cold basement tiles causing her to catch her breath. I leave her to struggle a bit…


BondageJunkies – Nyxon vs. The Taped Prayer 

It really is amazing how well you can bind a girl with just a few roll of electrical tape. Combine that with amazing flexibility and you have Nyxon in a strict reverse prayer. With her wrists locked firm between her shoulder blades I have to had it to her, she put up a good fight. What makes electrical tape particularly evil is for every millimetre you fight against it seems to constrict by two. Her only escape was to talk…


BondageJunkies – Maggie vs A Basement Prayer 

It was time for Maggie to reflect on some poor choices she had made. By the smile on her face, it was quite obvious her transgressions were no accident. With handcuffs and gear in one hand and Maggie’s arm in the other, she was led to the basement. The gag went in first as usual, as well as her handcuffs. Leg cuffs were used to put each leg into a frogtie, far stricter than she had planned on. With the…


BondageJunkies – Leila vs. The Belted Prayer 

A buckle here, a belt there and before Leila knew it moving even her fingers was a challenge. Being a very flexible girl there was no need to take it easy. Folding her arms into a reverse prayer, belts circled around her corseted body and cinched in place. More circled her wrists and arms ensuring everything stays extra tight. Most importantly, the buckles are well out of reach of prying fingers. Finishing up with a large ballgag and blindfold, every…


BondageJunkies – Amanda vs. Her Own Idea 

Coming up with new ideas can be exhausting sometimes so when Amanda has some idea’s of her own I was all ears. She had found a picture online and loved the asymmetrical nature of it as she described it to me. I start with her left arm using several loops of rope leaving it in a very secure reverse prayer. Next her right wrist is tied to her left ankle leaving totally immobile. As I pushed a ball gag in…


BondageJunkies – Rachel vs. Her Unrelenting Prayer 

Her challenge was simple and by her estimation, easy. I believe I remember Rachel commenting that a few pieces of tape weren’t enough to hold her. A woman of experience I was inclined to believe her for a moment; a very short moment. What she didn’t expect was the reverse prayer. While elbows touching is sexy, vinyl tape has the wonderful property of pulling tighter. A feature that works against her in the prayer. Without her hands, there would be…

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