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RestrainedElegance – Ariel Anderssen: Roman Foot Slaves Revolt 

Roman noblewoman Ariel is a callous and cruel mistress to the slaves in her villa. She just loves to tease and torment them, especially the slaves she makes moisturise and massage her feet. The slaves have had enough! They rise up in revolt against her dictatorial rule! They tie her helpless hand and foot so they can take their revenge! Bound and gagged, they grope her and punish the soles of her feet with a heavy rod, administering a harsh…

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RestrainedElegance – Bondage Reality TV 

Reality TV show host Honour May is appalled. She’s not even had her makeup touchup and she’s being a diva to the production team. No fresh flowers in her dressing room… but the team have a surprise for her! She opens the envelope… is this a bad joke? Apparently not! The producers have changed the show format – now it is Bondage Reality TV! And it’s not just the contestants who are going to get tied, it is the show…


RestrainedElegance – Chloe Toy: Online Dominatrix to Sex Slave 

Chloe’s sub has allow her down. Her shoes have marks the whole time the side, they must be cleansed. No chance do they are worthy of to worship her feet if they can not do an excellent task on worshipping her shoes! She’s simply getting into full flow in her most recent on-line dominatrix performance when an unfamiliar person bursts right into her research and also connections her up! Honest Omar has actually identified her talent … but not as…


RestrainedElegance – Long Term Pony Girl Training (Part Three) 

Ariel’s training proceeds to the kitchen for feeding time. Still in her pony girl harness, head harness and bit gag, the trainer chains her to a chain with heavy steel chains. Once she is securely fastened he adds clamps to her already sensitive nipples, making every slight movement into a painful experience for the recalcitrant submissive. Once he has her proper immobilised, it is time for pony girl feeding. He lays out a bowl of oats and a bowl of…


Ariel Anderssen – Long Term Pony Girl Training (Part Two) 

Naked, collared, cuffed and chained to the ceiling, Ariel awakens back in the pony girl prison cell. She tests her bonds, but the cuffs are securely padlocked in place and there’s no way to even reach the attachment point of the chain in the ceiling. She has no idea where she is or how long she has been here. Is she underground? It’s so cold! Why is she here? Is it because she wouldn’t wear the pony girl harness? That…

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Restrained Elegance – Ariel Anderssen – #GameOfSlaves: Foot Worship Domme 

  Mistress Ariel want to see how much of your foot you can get into your mouth… and she doesn’t want to hear any excuses!   This is a bonus update – it’s really one for the foot fetish fans, but I thought a) you might enjoy a long look at Ariel’s gorgeous wrinkled soft bare soles, even though she’s not tied up in this episode and b) it’s setting up a couple of future elements of the #GameOfSlaves storyline….

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