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CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Confined Milking Ft Miss Roper 

It’s been weeks, months, since you’ve been permitted to cum; since you’ve experienced an orgasm. Nearly having no desire too seeing how recently I’ve been keeping you in even a smaller cage than normal. One that when your aroused pains you. Ironic, isn’t it? That you’re finally going to be milked after all these weeks… months, and it may not even be found enjoyable with your trapped cock throbing behind steel bars. A wicked smile on my face as even…

CBT & Ballbusting, Handjob & Milking

Sensory Submission Ft Miss Roper – Raquel Roper 

Bound in straps, hands balled up into leather mitts, & sensory deprived within a hood; this squirming and nervous submissive trembles at the touch of my latex gloves running along his skin. The anxiety of what’s to come flooding through him as I grip and tug at his manhood possessively. Once I have him hard, which takes only mere moments; I reach for the toy that I’m looking forward to using on him most… electric stimulation cock bands to secure…

Female Domination, Latex & Rubber, Pegging, Strap-on

Miss Roper – A Deep Dick Massage Ft Miss Roper 

A naive male has stumbled into a rather dodgy massage parlor, lured in by their cheap rates and adverisement of beautiful, feminine masseuses. He quickly becomes suspecious when he is instructed to remove his clothing, and not given a sheet or towel to keep himself from being bare and exposed, though brushing it off as he lays down on his stomach and waits for his masseuse to begin her work. He begins to relax when he hears her foot steps,…

Cuckolding, Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

Miss Roper – Unexpecting Cuck: Wife Brings Your Work Home 

When you were left a note from your wife to watch a home movie she made personally for you and left on your desktop, your cock couldn’t help but grow hard at the thought of what she may have come up with. A pleasant surprise, since you haven’t been intimate with her in weeks due to your busy work schedule. Which you would come to find, may be the biggest mistake of your life. Picking work over time with her,…

Handjob & Milking

Miss Roper – My Man’s Ruined Perspective 

I know you fantasize about what it would be like to be my husband, feeling my lips and skilled fingers wrapped around your cock. My tongue teasing and twirling around your swollen head. Well this is your chance to sink into his shoes, to see his perspective. To understand that although his thick perfect cock has the privilege to feel me, taste me; It is I who remains behind the wheel. Pulling the strings. What, you thought my man get’s…

Pegging, Strap-on

Miss Roper: Dicked Down By Succubus Ft Miss Roper 

This poor little twink thinks he’s taken dick before, but never has he had his ass ravished by a succubus. I plan on stealing his soul, right through his hole; one stroke at a time. I don’t want to hear a fucking word leave his lips, only moans and groans as I plow deeply into him. Yanking his hair and pulling him balls deep towards the base of my dick I pound my hips into his, desiring to make him…

Bisexual, Cuckolding

Subby Hubby – Trained By a Domme Part 4: Blowjob Training 

  The next phase in breaking this sissy bitch husband down and making him a full cuckold is to introduce him to a real man. This man has a huge cock and Mistress Raquel is going to force him to fluff and suck this cock so the stud can get horny and fuck his wife. Should the stud cum, then he is going to have to swallow the load and simply fluff him all over again for her. Lets see…


Subby Hubby – Trained By A Domme Part 3: Teased by Pussy 

  Mistress Raquel is continuing to teach Nicolette’s husband how to be a good submissive bitch. Part of the process of breaking him down includes showing him what is most important in his life, his wife’s pussy, and also being shown that her pussy is something he may never have again if she wishes it. Nicolette teases him with her pussy with a dildo while Raquel also has some fun with that dildo. Nicolette moans with pleasure as Raquel shows…

Foot Worship

Subby Hubby – Nicolette Love, Raquel Roper – Trained By A Domme Part 1: Foot Bitch 

  Nicolette Love is tired of her husband lasting such a short time in bed. The sex is just LOUSY and his dick is so small. She’s been secretly fantasizing about what it would be like to have a real stud of a man inside of her. She calls her friend Raquel Roper who is a professional dominatrix. Raquel has always told her that she should be the Goddess in her relationship and have all of the pleasure in the…

Female Domination

Lady Fyre Femdom – Mom & Sisters Teach You How to Fuck 

What started as an ordinary day turns into an awesome family orgy with your mom & sisters. You know your mother has something serious to say, but you really didn’t see this coming. Apparently your girlfriend told your mom that you had sex & you came really fast. You’re so embarrassed, and you can’t believe your girlfriend told her, but your mom says it’s completely normal & you just need some training. Your cheeks burn bright red as your mother…


Hardtied – Nov 23, 2016: Rope Her & Pole | Raquel Roper 

  Pussy Gets Pleasantly Punished   Raquel Roper is wound up tighter than just about anyone you’ve ever met. She disgusts herself, and doesn’t think that she deserves to have fun. O.T. doesn’t know if she deserves it either, but he knows that he deserves to have fun with her body. It’s going to be rough on Raquel. Usually when you stop beating a girl to get her off it’s like her moment of rest from the pain, but for…


The Training Of O – Nov 8, 2016 – Seth Gamble, Raquel Roper 

  Disciplined For Dick: Slave Training Raquel Roper!   When novice submissive Raquel Roper meets her trainer Seth Gamble, she knows it is not going to be an easy day. Seth is In Her Grill all day long, holding her to her lesson: Discipline and Dick. Tight bondage, tight gags, tight pussy, and this submissive plaything is smoldering in the the BDSM and sex. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Infernal Restraints – Nov 4, 2016: Heavy Metal | Raquel Roper 

  Girl Actually Goes and Fucks Herself   Raquel Roper thought she understood what she wanted. She wanted a big strong man to come and take charge and take her away to be his forever. Only now does she realize that she had no idea, when she came up with that plan, what she was getting herself into, much less what would be getting itself into her. Now she finds herself shackled up to a metal frame with the whim…

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