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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Toilet Paper is just too Rough for this Smooth Soft Ass of Mine POV 

You obtain 2 wonderful scenes with this clip, both featuring Princess Dakota who will certainly have you hungering to cleanse her beautiful plump filthy asshole. The clip opens up with Princess Dakota dancing to rock music. Her short skirt exposes her wonderful, ass cheeks peeking out from under her skirt. Despite the fact that she’s putting on an outfit you can inform Dakota has a succulent fat ass. She recognizes you’ve been staring at it while she dancings too. But…

Shoe & Boots

Clubstiletto – Manure Covered Boot Trample and Worship 2 

After trampling her slave’s body and face in her manure covered cowboy boots, Princess Dakota wants the tops of her boots cleaned of all the filth that her slave missed when she was grinding her boot into his mouth. She sits on the couch and orders him to crawl to her and lick her boots. She pulls on his leash and directs him to lick, suck and clean the rest of the manure from her boots. “”Do you like the…

Foot Worship, Shoe & Boots

Clubstiletto – Princess Dakota – The Spa Treatment 

  Uncle Ernie is once again unemployed and out of cash. His bratty niece, Princess Dakota, is displeased. Not only has she not been able to get a pedicure, she has been forced to walk around on her sore feet as Uncle Ernie wasn’t available for pony service; he was busy looking for a job. Dakota reminds him that SHE is his full time job, and that he’d better remedy his negligence in that area. She shoves her cowboy boots…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering

Clubstiletto – Dedicated to Ass Smothering Part 1 Princess Dakota 

Those of you who have been following Princess Dakota’s face sitting videos will know she is one of the sexiest, finest face sitters on the planet. She truly gets off on ass smothering and will frequently come to the shoot with stories of her latest merciless ass smothering adventures on her personal slave. Today she has her bitch on a bench and wearing tight black slacks she sits full weight for the whole scene. She really doesn’t care if her…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering

Clubstiletto – Dedicated to Ass Smothering Part 2 Princess Dakota 

This is the final scene in this terrific series. Princess Dakota plops her sexy ass on her slave’s face and sits for the longest time without giving him any air. She knows he is crazy about her ass just like any other man out there. She pushes it in his face and wiggles and giggles as she starts bouncing harder and harder. His muffled cries tell her what she wants to know. He is addicted to her ass and ready…


Clubstiletto – Dakota’s Face Dance 

Princess Dakota locks her cousin clem into her face trample prison box and proceeds to stomp, dance and mash his face under her sexy feet. She marches on his face and loves knowing how much he is suffering beneath her. Mistress: Princess Dakota

Female Domination

Club Stiletto – Princess Dakota Always Gets What She Wants 

Princess Dakota knows how to get what she wants. She knows men love her ass and she knows if she pushes her ass in their face long enough, they become blubbering idiots that will fulfill all of her wishes. Nothing could be easier. She loves face sitting for this reason and also because it turns her on at the same time. She ALWAYS gets what she wants. Mistress: Princess Dakota

Female Domination

Club Stiletto – Princess Dakota Busts Face Part 2 

After slapping cousin clem’s face in the first scene, Princess Dakota decides clem needs some good, well placed kicks to his face with her sexy bare feet. He needs LOTS of them! She has him kneel at the end of her lounge chair and she proceeds to kick his face without mercy. She holds one side of his face with her other foot so he cannot escape the force of each kick. Over and over she kicks his face hard…

Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Princess Dakota Busts Face Part 1 

Princess Dakota loves making her cousin clem’s life miserable. Ever since he bullied and repeatedly tormented her when she was growing up, she has always dreamed of the day when she would get revenge. Now that she can blackmail him for being a pervert, she is certainly going to get revenge today. She makes clem admit that he is nothing more than her slave now. She makes him recite all of the duties that he must perform as her slave…

Female Domination

Club Stiletto – Can He Last 4 Minutes? Part 3 Princess Dakota 

So the slave survived 3 minutes without a breath in the previous round. So what! He still has to make it to 4 minutes. Princess Dakota shows no mercy as she parks her plump derriere on her ass bitch’s face. He is gasping for air at greater frequency; clearly his lungs are on fire. Then the Princess plays a mean trick: She sits on him for a prolonged period of time, finally lets him up for air, then informs him…

Female Domination

Club Stiletto – Never Lie to Princess Dakota Part 2 

This is the final scene in this hot series. Princess Dakota continues to totally dominate uncle ernie. Slaps across the face and a whole lot of bouncing to punish him. She pulls her thong aside and orders his tongue in her dirty hole. As he dutifully licks her clean she comes up with a great idea. Why limit his mouth and tongue to toilet paper duties? Why not just use his mouth as her toilet bowl complete with chewing and…

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