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Female Domination

Porcelain Beauty – Penis measurement SPH 

  I take my patient and strap him into the gyno chair making sure he is tightly restrained. I take my tape measure and start to measure his flaccid penis. How pathetic this patient is, it’s not even getting hard yet, his arousal in front of a beautiful woman is so severely impaired that more testing must follow! I take my sharp pinwheel and start to run it right along the top of his penis allowing those sharp spikes to…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering

Porcelain Beauty – Piano stool fitness 

  How to humiliate your slave? Have him bent over and objectified as your piano stool. I really do love playing piano and after understanding his body is weak and pathetic I thought he could do with a little bit of training in the form of objectification. Due to the stool not being as strong as it should be, I hit a bum note so hit his for stress relief.


Porcelain Beauty – Make Mistress fly! 

  I pin my submissive plaything down, tickle him, pin him down some more and squat over him applying my weight and he cannot move, all my 12 stone is pinning him in place and to make his ordeal even worse I ridicule him and his weak beta male state by playfully demanding he “make Mistress fly” come on, get up, make me fly, I laugh at him and his weak inferior body.

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Porcelain Beauty – Erotic JOI 

  Best listened to with head phones. I guide you through your orgasm. How to wank your cock. You can hear me stroking the microphone like it’s your cock in my hand. The way I run my nails over the tip of it fills you with excitement. My breath, so heavy, makes your balls twitch and fill with cum, they get so heavy as you…


Porcelain Beauty – Time for some belly tickles! 

  How to keep a man where you want him? Tie him up of course or sit on him! Then take your little flogger and turn him into a jibbering wreck as you tickle his belly with your flogger. As if it wasn’t enough that I’d turned him into a jibbering wreck from little belly tickles I thought I deserved more entertainment in the form of grabbing his carrot top hair and whacking him in the cock and balls with…


Porcelain Beauty – Foot tickling 

  Strapped down to the gyno chair Penny is in for a rough ride. Her little size 5 feet are in my midst. I just wanted to grab them and dig my fingers into her soles. So that’s exactly what I did! I fucking loved it. Making her squirm and wriggle. That just wasn’t enough for me though, I wanted to grab her knees too and make her squirm. So with my strong pianist hands I grab her sensitive knees…


Porcelain Beauty – Diaper wank 

  I tell him that I know he loves my ample breasts and that I know he can’t stop staring at them. I peek down his diaper and see his tiny dick is getting harder and harder and his mouth is open wide. He’s infatuated with me. Another weak beta male to add to my 51k list. But he’s not getting to cum! That’s his ultimate punishment. I tease him and start to verbally degrade him and voila his dick…

Female Domination

PorcelainBeauty – Dance for Mistress 

  Entertain me, I want to laugh at your weak pathetic male body attempting to dance around that pole. He really was awful at dancing, probably the worst attempt I’ve seen to date. Watch it for yourself to see how I treat weak beta males.

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