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QueenSnake – THUMBTACK DANCER 2020 November 14 

This film is for the foot torment lovers. I need to state that only the most masochistic ladies are able to do it and Nazryana clearly is among them. Dancing while a lot of thumtacks were punctured into her soles made her cry like a baby. She was just weeping as well as shrieking constantly as well as there was a factor at the actual end of this session when she yelled to stop as well as obviously I right…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – From Head to Toe – Mistress Jasmine 

This was a custom-made clip so if you’re Italian you may think is really for you yet otherwise simply utilize your creativity. Hot Miss Jasmine has actually been hectic taking a trip and also running about as well as hasn’t showered or bathed in days. Your work? Lick her clean. She starts you on her armpits and then tells you put down so she can rest on your face. As she sits down she eliminates her bra disclosing her stunning…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian


I used Nazryana as the almost all of a home-made high quality check machine that was created for checking the quality of various sort of panties by applying stress to test the strength of the materials. Nazryana’s pussy got inflated to make the experiment much more fascinating. Finally just one of the panties passed the examination. Check it out which one.


QueenSnake – Cigarette 2016 August 20 

Jade’s very first self torture session. She was such a masochist that we had to quit her numerous times to avoid triggering herself any kind of severe damage. Well, let’s hope she will not begin smoking once more. Examine the aftermath in my blog site.

Female Domination

Clubstiletto – The Sweet taste of Summer – Mistress Jasmine 

Gorgeous Miss Jasmine is enjoying an attractive day outside with her servant but she needs to piss. Wouldn’t you love to be the slave under Miss Jasmine when she needs to go. When Jasmine pisses she lets ago an enormous stream of sweet nectar. After peeing Jasmine informs her slave that if he wishes to be her actual complete toilet he has to follow her, on his knees, throughout the grass and up the steps where she will ease herself…


QueenSnake – Pong – Jeby 2017 February 18 

I have actually spanked Jeby’s butts, tits and also belly with ping pong paddles up until damaging them on her as well as until she broke down and also virtually fainted. When she hopped on the ground I left her there and also violated her while I was having squirting orgasm.

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Face Rubbed Raw – Mistress Kate 

Brutal full weight facesitting and smothering! Girlfriend Kate is riding her stationary bicycle while chatting with her good friend Sandra. The ladies are reviewing their prepare for the evening. They enjoy to head out clubbing and fulfilling males. Girlfriend Kate is resting on her servant’s face and also exercising to keep in form while Sandra remains to have discussion with her. The exercise creates Kate’s upper legs and also butt cheeks to rub the servant’s face. Mistress Kate has DEFINITELY…


QueenSnake – SUPERGLUE – NAZRYANA 2020 May 9 

In this film I tried to achieve the best gender neutrality on Nazryana’s body. She had a lot of nipples and all those lips around her body, I simply had to do something regarding them. So I got a pack of superglues and also play-nulloed her. Likewise packed her openings with white chocolate bars. Bon appetit!

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

QueenSnake – Dirty Trampling 

Jeby is such a passive slut that her favorite drink is pee and her favored scenes have to do with being humiliated. Besides abusing her face and also body by buying her to suck Diamond’s filthy feet and also high-heels she also gets some tough trampling. In the end she needs to drink Diamond’s pee from her dirty shoes.

Female Domination

Mistress Luna: “Full Time Toilet Slave” 

After we used this servant for our enjoyable and also enjoyment I take him into the commode area: he will be our bathroom servant for the rest of the day… or possibly, also much better: full-time commode servant! Before I begin using it as My Toilet, I show him My lovely large round butt: this is making him so weak and he goes much deeper right into entry so he is not only approving the tasks of drinking My pee,…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

QueenSnake – PENCILS – NAZRYANA 2020 March 28 

After a first fisting and lesbian warm-up Queensnake crammed Nazryana’s vagina having a major group of pens, then afterwards she got tired with it continued satisfying her cute, amazingly sharp, pointy small shawn off pen finishes. Subsequently she squirted to her insides dissolving a number of this pen’s cores building a real wreck inside her anus.

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