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Subby Hubby – Paulina’s Pet Husband 6: Strap-on Slut 

  Now Paulina is going to teach her husband how to fuck, except she is going to be the one with the cock, doing all of the fucking! And he has to take it just like the trained bitch he is, all for her, his beautiful wife who he is now submissive and powerless to. Paulina grins and fucks him hard and deep with her big cock as he cringes with how much it hurts and how violated and humiliated…


Subby Hubby – Paulina’s Pet Husband: Cock Control 

  “Are you ready to learn a little dick-control?” Paulina asks her new pet husband. “Yes Paulina” he whimpers. “YES GODDESS, you call me GODDESS NOW” she corrects him. Paulina strokes her husband’s cock and controls his orgasm. If he cums without her permission, punishment will ensue. She brings him to the edge and back over and over again. She even lets him slide his cock up and down in between her gorgeous lubed-up slippery tits. It feels so good…

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Subby Hubby – Paulina’s Pet Husband 4: Dildo Gag 

  Paulina’s husband is fitted with a dildo gag to pleasure her with. He is not allowed to penetrate her wet, tight pussy with his stupid useless cock. Who needs the cock of a 10 second man? No one! He must pay for what a pathetic lover he has been and learn to pleasure her the right way by using this humiliating dildo gag. He fucks her just the way she wants now, and pleases her better than he ever…

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