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Subby Hubby – Parker Swayze, Kimber Woods – Spittoon For Parker and Kimber | Release Date: Jul 12, 2017 

  Parker Swayze and Kimber Woods are a gorgeous pair of lovers who only use men as entertaining little toys. They share a tender and sexy kiss before noticing the pathetic bitch cowering the cage behind them. That slave must have been caged for a very long time because the two woman find him to be very thirsty. They decide with evil grins and giggles that he should only be allowed to drink their spit. How humiliating and degrading for…


Clubdom – Alexis & Parker Strapon 4-Some Fun | Release Date: Jun 26, 2017 

  Goddess Alexis and Goddess Parker decide to train their new sex slaves for strap-on. They are in a devious mood and need to plow some man pussy to satisfy their strap-on lust and these new slaves in their stable are their new victims. The slaves are forced to suck their cocks and then must get fucked hard and deep by the two excited, lustful femdoms. They take every inch while the ladies fuck hard and show them what their…

Foot Worship

Subby Hubby – Parker’s Bitch Part 4: Foot Licker 

  Toby is still stuck being Parker’s Bitch until she is satisfied with him learning his lesson for grabbing her ass. He still must do as she says or else she will tell his parents who will punish him. She is relaxing with her stud after her nice fucking while Toby who is STILL dressed in her maid outfit and not allowed to remove it, has to lick her feet while she continuously tells her lover about what a little…


Subby Hubby – Parker’s Bitch Part 2: Cock Taster 

  Parker knows she has her wealthy, spoiled boy right where she wants him. He has dressed in her maid outfit and was forced to eat her ass in order for her to not tell his mother. Now she invites her stud over so she can blow him and show him what a real man is like and she tries to have him blow him. He pulls away so instead she makes him eat her spit so he could taste…

Dildo Play, Female Domination

Clubdom – Sex Slave For Blondes Part 6: Pleasured By Sadism 

  The blondes are at it again. One slave is ordered to pleasure Goddess Parker with a dildo gag while Goddess Alexis whips the other new slave for Parker’s entertainment. Parker loves watching Alexis whip their new slave and gets super wet and demands that the other new slave fuck her harder with that humiliating dildo gag until she cums. Too bad the slave cannot taste her pussy, only smell and see what he is unworthy of having while the…

Handjob & Milking

Clubdom – Sex Slave For Blondes Part 4: Forced Milking 

  The hot blonde duo is back and they have new slaves to use. This time they are milking the newest slave in their stable. First they edge him for what feels like forever. He learns who owns and controls him very quickly! The two Dommes then take him right back to the edge and finally milk every last drop, completely draining him. Of course they make him eat it and smear the rest all over his pathetic face.


Subby Hubby – Parker’s Bitch Part 3: Blackmailed Fluffer 

  Parker is not done teaching her employer’s handsy spoiled son Toby a lesson. Her stud lover is now fucking her hard and deep with his huge cock while she forces Toby to watch with his face right up into her lover’s ass. She then makes him lick her lover’s balls while she gets fucked properly. She shows Toby that she would never be with a pathetic little spoiled small dicked loser like him and that THIS is the type…

Female Domination

Subby Hubby – Slave For Blondes Part 3: Cum Licking Fucker 

  The two hot blondes are not done with their sex slave. He must now fuck Mistress Parker with his hard injected cock. He pounds away with his hard cock into her inviting wet pussy while the two blondes dominate him. After the Mistresses are satisfied, he is milked onto her boots and forced to lick it off. He is so humiliated and used. He will make a fine sex slave for them.

Oral & Asslicking

Clubdom – Sex Slave For Blondes Part 1: Ass Worship 

  Slave 062 has been sold to these 2 hot blonde Mistresses for sex slavery. He has to serve them in any way they wish. Mistress Parker and Mistress Alexis decide to train him to lick their beautiful perfect asses. He has no choice but to obey. They enjoy his warm tongue on their asses while they taunt and laugh at him.

Oral & Asslicking

Subby Hubby – Parker’s Bitch: Sissy Ass-Licker 

  Parker Swayze is cleaning for the new family she is working for as a maid. Spoiled brat Toby is always used to getting his way, as his parents always gave him whatever he wanted without question. He cannot help but check out this new hot maid and her amazing body. Horny and brave, he goes in for a grab of her sweet ass. She slaps his hand away and puts him in his place. He is not used to…

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