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DirtyDommes – Kneebusting the shoe slave 

Oh dear! It seems my shoes are not shiny enough and my heel slave is merely admiring them instead of cleaning them properly. This calls for punishment and he knows what is coming! I will bust his balls and he will learn his place in this household again. His balls need a hard kicking with my feet and high heels but especially vicious busts with my knees to his crotch!


CarolinePierce – The Kidnapped Boss Lady 

The Head Honcho, the CEO, the Big Boss Lady, Ms Pierce, wakes up to find herself tied up by her not-so-loyal employee Miss Sydney Screams. Sydney’s bold ambition and *ahem* unusual tactics means SHE has climbed up the ladder of success by pretending she was the boss herself, while the real Boss Lady is just stuck there, tied up, unable to do anything to stop the scheming, crazy Sydney.


BondageJunkies – Star & Laci vs. A Tug of War 

Only we the viewers are the winners in this game. There is no escape for Star or Laci with their arms tied tightly behind their back. Both are pulled into strappados, ankles tied to each other. Every movement, shift, or struggle pulls to the other. If one strappado rope is pulled down, the other goes higher. It certainly doesn’t help when they are tickled over and over forcing an ebb and flow of pulling and tugging against each other.


BondageJunkies – Rachel vs. Her Loose Footing 

Whenever Rachel comes by for a visit I can’t help but pull out the special list. The list that most girls are not tough enough to endure. Above all I can’t resist any opportunity to put a girl in a devious predicament. Rachel starts out tightly tied to a wooden pole with pantyhose and a spreader bar. She doesn’t know it yet, but once the weighted crotchrope comes into play her days of easy footing will be over. Before long…

Female Domination

Bondish – Good Foot Boy 

“What does a foot boy need? To be below us, of course.” Paulas and Sandras perfect feet will turn any boy’s head, so it’s easy to lose track of genuine foot fetishists versus a boy simply lost in the glory of these girls feet. Paula and Sandra decided to test this boy. Tied up, he had to kiss their feet anywhere and everywhere he could reach, to see whose perfect feet he gets more excited for.


BondageJunkies – Star vs. The Window Display 

I doubt this is what Star had in mind when she wanted to be placed high on a pedestal. Sitting high in the window sill, I assured her the restraints were only for her safety. A drool inducing gag came next which was connected to a bolt above her head. Moving became a challenge let alone getting down. Before sitting back to watch her hopelessly struggle I slipped a Hitachi under her pantyhose. The effect was instant and Star starts…


BondageJunkies – Merula vs. Her Incentive 

Merula was all too happy to revel in the warm hug of her straitjacket. She found the chastity belt interesting as well, until she learned the terms of her release. Unless she can escape the straitjacket, the belt is staying on for a week. Now seeing the jacket as a barrier to her future sexual release, her incentive to escape became quite clear. To no one’s surprise, the heavy leather easily overpowers Merula’s struggles, leaving her breathless. Drool eventually flows…


BondageJunkies – Amelia vs. The Circus Colors 

Amelia had a lot of trepidation coming through the door. Everything in the room was new to her, with restraints and gear completely foreign to her. It would be a day of firsts, starting with a tightly laced corset. Coils of rope encircled her wrists securing them together behind her back. Several more wrap around her chest, arms, elbows, and shoulders keeping them in a tight box. Her legs soon followed and left in a frogtie. Completing her trek of…


BondageJunkies – Sarah vs. The Forced Experiment #10 

For most girls, this experiment is about pride. Denying oneself a mindblowing orgasm isn’t something you do without serious motivation. Fueled by the knowledge that almost everyone succumbs, Sarah was determined to break the mold. Setting her mind to the task, she spends several grueling minutes on the cusp of orgasm while denying herself the prize. Each minute wears down her resolve. Some other girl can claim the title. That time came when her body betrayed her desperate need to…


BondageJunkies – Laci Star vs. The Asterisk 

They say it’s best to dress in layers, so the same must be true for bondage. A few belts could have done the job, but no sense in risking escape. So the belts layered on and meeting behind her back is a star. Laci’s first instinct was to reach for the buckles but soon discovered they were well out of reach. Struggle and twist was her only option and gives it her all. The belts giving her a false sense…


BondageJunkies – Samantha & Amelia vs. A Little Game 

After reading a story online, Samantha had to try its contents for herself. With little personal experience, she wanted to try some new things with her friend Amelia. The game was simple: they would hogtie themselves with handcuffs and legcuffs. They would need to struggle to get the key which would be kept just in reach. The first one out gets to dominate the other. Eagerly, both girls lock themselves up tightly and set to trying to escape. In their…


BondageJunkies – Laci Star vs. The Magic Bind 

Pouting and moaning won’t loosen Laci’s ropes any but that doesn’t stop her from trying. With her legs frogtied and elbows cinched close her fingers are left to paw at knots impossibly out of reach. Despite her waist crushing corset she puts up a good struggle. Once most of the fight is worn away the real fun begins when a magic wand is securely bound to her clit. Even on low Laci is panting and bucking within seconds. A few…

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