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BondageJunkies – Hana vs. Her Addiction 

According to Hana, it had been far too long before she’d been properly tied up. Lucky for her, these are problems I’m well equipped to solve. Once she was bolted to the floor with brackets I planned on using a wand on her but with a twist. Grabbing an actuator and tape I had myself a retractable magicwand. While switching it on and off is fun, fine control of how close it gets to her most sensitive of places really…


BondageJunkies – Faith vs. The Forced Experiment 

Data, data, data. You can never have enough when conducting science. Faith is our newest test subject, who has never been subject to what a magicwand can do. Without a second thought she’s eager to get started. As with all our forced orgasm experiments, she’s given time intervals during which she must try to resist having an orgasm. As dozens have discovered before her, the task is mind numbingly difficult if it is to be successful. To encourage her best…


BondageJunkies – Chloe vs. Her Bedtime Routine 

After a long day of cleaning and putting away toys a rubbermaid needs her rest. So as part of her routine, she is tied to her bed in a tight spreadeagle. Once gagged she’s offered a special treat for hard work in the form of a magicwand between her legs. The ropes hold her tight as orgasm after orgasm washes over her. Thoroughly exhausted after nearly a dozen climaxes it’s eventually turned off so she can get some sleep. Chloe…


BondageJunkies – Holle vs. Artistic Inspiration 

As someone who loves predicament bondage I can’t help but love the art from Rook-07. So when I saw his drawing for which this week’s update is based I couldn’t help but recreate it. Holle was a perfect candidate and couldn’t wait to attempt the difficult position. Between the neck rope and her arms tied behind her just keeping the position will be difficult. If she wants a coveted orgasm however, she’ll need to arch her back and hold her…


BondageJunkies – Hannah vs. Her Favorite Things 

Individually, there is almost no aspect of bondage Hannah doesn’t love. Putting them together in a recipe she can’t resist takes a bit of work, but is well worth the effort. A strappado predicament is always a good base with ballet boots to keep her on her toes, literally. Of course, latex is always a treat which any girl will love. The icing on the cake are the hard cane strokes applied while under duress. Each stroke brings her closer…


BondageJunkies – Hannah vs. Her Earned Rewwards 

Tight rope, cinched extra tight, encircles her legs and arms preventing her from going far. Even if she entertained such thoughts the ring secured to her hair will dissuade Hannah. Pulling the ring up high it’s hooked to the pole behind her forcing her to stay high on her knees. A vibrator is tied between her legs and put on high which gets her moaning right away. For most in this position, it would be a relief but Hannah’s a…


BondageJunkies – Bella vs. The Forced Experiment 

When starting the experiment I expected Bella to either orgasm right away or manage to hold out to the end. To prevent the former and deny her the orgasm she desperately wants she’s told any orgasm will prevent her release. With heightened motivation you can tell by her expressions she is trying hard to refuse the impending climax. Breathing heavy through her nose she manages to make it through a few minutes on low but it’s obvious she’s right on…

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BratPrincess2 – Nika – Submit Or I Will Tighten The Harness Even More 

There are so many slaves in Nikas DM’s. Begging to submit to her. So, when her slave tries fighting for air she reminds him how privileged he is and how he needs to just take it. Using a harness ensures that her slaves face will remain up her ass and on her pussy. He is so far in there that it is hard for him to breathe. Nika grinds on his face. But she gets disgusted if he touches her…


BondageJunkies – Rosie vs. The Forced Experiment 

Rosie is our next test subject for the forced orgasm experiment. Suspecting she might be a bit of a challenge I decided to employ a secret weapon. While rope and straps do the job well for keeping a vibrator in place it still allows her control over the pressure. Rubberbands remove all leverage and keep an even, constant pressure ensuring maximum sensory overload. Similarly, using them to restrain her limbs help exhaust her muscles faster than fixed restraints. The result…


BondageJunkies – Brooke vs. Zipped Enjoyment 

Brooke was in the mood for something new but figured she’d tried everything already. When zip ties were suggested she assumed the flimsy ones from department stores, not heavy-duty HVAC grade ties. These will not break free with a strong tug. Especially when secured to her wrists, forearms, and biceps of each arm. A few more on her legs and Brooke knew she was good and stuck. With a magic wand between her legs though you won’t see any disappointment…


BondageJunkies – Hazel vs. Her Own Feedback 

While chatting with Hazel I discovered she had an affinity for several things. As my mind envisioned how I could use one of them the answer became obvious. Why not use all of them? After bolting her to the floor with straps first on her list was nipple clamps. No problem. Next was predicament bondage. I had planned for this one by using handcuffs on her wrists instead of bolting them to the floor. This allowed her to raise them…


BondageJunkies – Hazel vs. The Forced Experiment 

As it had been a while since Hazel had visited, what better welcome back than denying her orgasms. If I’m honest, I didn’t expect her to last long but she has amazing determination. That’s the X factor that will make this experiment interesting. As a bonus, she’ll be putting a newly printed fiddle to the test.


BondageJunkies – Autumn vs. A Razor’s Edge 

Autumn predicament did the job without a lot of fanfare. With her arms cuffed to the headboard and legs pulled back with a bar she’s completely vulnerable. From there a belt is attached to the pole with the head resting perfectly on her pussy. Even on high, the vibration isn’t enough to send her over the edge. Her legs can move the wand a bit for better positioning but kept on the razor’s edge of orgasmic bliss and endless frustration….


BondageJunkies – Bella vs. Her Coerced Orgasms 

For this week’s upgrade, Bella is back to experiment with an unique predicament just for her. Also on low a magic stick easily can force several orgasms from her effortlessly. To flavor points up she’s secured into a spreadeagle with copper poles under her. With the electrical energy showed up Bella couldn’t assist however push her pussy hard versus the stick above her. In her uncomfortable setting, even a few secs causes her muscular tissues to tremble with effort. After…

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