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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Dark Lipped Boss – Alexandra Snow 

We need to have a little conversation. I make certain you’re questioning why I called you into my office. Well it’s come to my focus that throughout work hrs, you’ve been masturbating to photos of me, your boss. I don’t discover this actions acceptable in all. I’m your manager nevertheless. You ought to reveal me some regard. Yet already I can see your cock is hard. What is it concerning me that makes you so horny? Is it my dark…

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Clubstiletto – His office is under Her desk – Mistress Kandy 

Mistress Kandy is sitting in her workplace and also she discusses she normally keeps a male worker under her desk. The video camera scrolls to expose her slave using only his under shorts. The slave looks rather sheepish yet when she gives him her foot to prayer he does not be reluctant to take it in his mouth. “Such a turn on making use of slaves” Kandys says and reaches under her skirt to expose she has no underwears on….

Female Domination, Foot Worship

Office Foot Domination And Foot Smother – part 1 

Jack and Eliška are associates for many years but last couple of months Jack actually revealed his true face, at least in relation to female and just how he views them. He thinks that they are all incompetent, useless, they make only troubles and also good possibly just for sex. He’s been pretty bad to Eliška these last couple of months as well as she has sufficient of it. When Jack sees her workplace as well as starts to howl…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

“Bosslady Office” 

This video is currently in german. I am always the boss. Privately and within my own company. Everybody else needs to follow my guidelines. Should I believe that the want to possess two slaves at any workplace, then that’s potential for me personally since it is possible to easily see in this particular video. 1 servant needs to picture one other needs to spoil my own feet. The fat idiot supporting the camera is ofcourse frequently too dumb to accomplish…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

The Experiment II – Goddess Kims Fantasies 

Inspired by: The Experiment I enjoyed the character you played in your extended tease lipstick fetish clip “The Experiment” and would like a sequel if possible. This time the setting is an office – you are a secretary sitting at your desk and in an outfit appropriate for business, but with a short tight skirt, stockings and heels. Your makeup is perfect once again, but as the video begins your lipstick is an innocent pink. You tease expertly by touching…

Shoe & Boots

YoungGoddessKim – Shoe slave Gets Fed 

I am busy at My desk with the shoe slave underneath My divine heels. The only concern it should have is My comfort, if it moans from My heels digging into it I simply kick it. “Make yourself useful. Lick My soles.” If the piece of furniture doesn’t please Me I will just sell it online. The only nutrition it deserves is the dirt on My soles. But since I’m done with My work and have a scrap of food…

Shoe & Boots

DirtyDommes – Casadei boot domination in the office 

Kept underneath my office desk, my boot slave knows his place in life. Close to my heavely nylonedlegs and the most gorgeous yet dangerous casadei blade heels. I use his body as my carpet, his tongue as my boot brush. He understands he is just a tool, a toy for me…that he must obey and please me or he will feel the cut of my razor sharp stilettoson his flesh.

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Humiliated Coworker 

Honestly, I don’t even know how you still have a job. All you do all day is sit at your desk and watch the women of the office walk by and you get literally nothing done. I’ve had to invite you over to my house away from all of those beautiful women just to get you to even be slightly productive. I know it’s hard for you. I and the other women in our office are just so hot. But…

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GoddessFootjobs – Christmas Feet – Sofie Reyez 

Sexy secretary Sofie Reyez surprises her boss by filling his office with holiday decorations. He’s a real Scrooge and throws a fit when he sees the display. Sofie insists on spreading the Christmas spirit to this grumpy old man and intends to use his foot fetish to bring him around. The boss can’t resist her crazy sexy feet and succumbs to her scheme. He pulls out his thick cock and fucks her smooth soles for all he’s worth. Sofie moves…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Blackmailed by the Boss 

You’ve been caught. Don’t try to deny it, I have the proof right here. You’ve been jerking off at work again. You’ve been reprimanded several times because of your porn addiction but you just can’t seem to keep it out of the workplace. As your boss, I just can’t stand for this sort of behavior. Now, putting this sort of thing on your record would look bad on the both of us. So instead of filing a complaint with the…

Handjob & Milking

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Company Loyalty 

So your interview has gone well. Your potential new boss has looked over your resume and asked all the questions and you’ve given most of the right answers… you think. Then she asks you about your last employment. There’s no record of a reference or why you left that job, so what was it? She sits back in her chair, waiting for a response and when you can’t give a sufficient one she speaks up. She’s contacted your last employer…

Breast Smother, Face and Body Sitting Smothering


Now you can know the most privileged employee of my company,She is smart ,beautiful,bisexual and kinky as much as me. She is my lover in my private life as well. My other employees don’t like her because she has the highest salary and she has many other privilege as well.Today is the semi-annual performance reviews at my company but first of all I wanna play with my favorite girl. I send the guys out of my office and let the…

Foot Jobs, Foot Worship

GoddessFootjobs – No Work Visa – Honey Moon 

Miss Honey Moon is interviewing for a new job. The interviewer is concerned that she is extremely overqualified for the position. After a little questioning, Honey reveals that she is not in possession of proper work authorization. It is her intention to remain in the United States and work illegally no matter what the cost. The boss has no interest in doing anything illegal. Honey begs him to give her an opportunity to prove herself. The guy briefly contemplates, then…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Ultimate Cocksucker Training Marathon 

This is the most intense cocksucker training video I’ve ever released. A FULL HOUR of pure gay mindfuck. You would not believe how many emails a day I get from boys who want to suck cock for me. But there seems to be some so called “straight” boys that are struggling with the concept. A good slave knows that his perceived sexuality means literally nothing to me. What matters to me is what I want. I want you boys to…

Foot Jobs

GoddessFootjobs – Negotiations with School Director – Mia Martinez 

  Mia Martinez has scheduled a meeting with the school director to discuss her younger sister’s expulsion. Mia is frustrated and she really wants to help her sister any way possible. The director recognizes her predicament and gets right to the point: he will take Mia’s feet in exchange for her sister’s future. Mia Martinez follows his instructions to and removes her shoes and gets down on her knees. The director has this cutie right where he wants her. The…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Cocky Intern 

  You thought you were being clever, didn’t you? You showed up in the night at the house of your employer under the guise of needing to sign some papers. But she knows there’s nothing so important that needs doing this late at night in her home. You’re just a lowly intern anyways. She calls you out on your little plot to gain entrance into her home. She knows you’ve had the hots for her. Who wouldn’t? She’s powerful, beautiful…

Foot Worship

Goddess Foot Domination – Mistress Jinx – Side Job 

  Mistress Jinx is the kind of employee you don’t mind having around as long as you don’t need any real work done. She isn’t happy with her job and tries to steal some time to answer her personal emails. The boss comes by and catches her not working. She tells the boss to relax and offers him a massage.   Before he knows what’s happening, Jinx has the boss tied up and plans to use him to experiment with…

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