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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

CountessJezebeth – Weak Nipple Drone 

This is just for you, My weak drone. You succumbed to Me the min we spoke and have actually been under My control because. You can not leave Me for I recognize all your weaknesses and also will remain to discover every one of them. I will make new weak points in you, I will certainly dental implant brand-new proclivities within you, you will certainly become absolutely whatever the fuck I desire. All of it started with your weak nipples….

Female Domination, Nipple Teasing

FemdomEmpire – Tears for Her Pleasure – Asia Perez 

Girlfriend Asia Perez is exceptionally irritated with the state of the world and requires a toy to abuse. Her servant is chained down and also restrained offering him absolutely no opportunity of escaping the rage of an enraged Girlfriend. Using her toys of torture she lets loose on her defenseless bitch as he cries out hurting. His rips put a massive smile on Mistress Asia’s face making her turn the violet wand to the highest possible power to see him…

Female Domination, Latex & Rubber, Slapping

HouseofSinn – Nipple Abuse Extravaganza 

A servant exists to offer his Mistress, no matter exactly how She wants it so when Girlfriend Tess wishes to abuse his nipples, what committed male can refute Her pleasures? Possibly an extremely well put one however not him … He will certainly take everything his Girlfriend wants him to endure as well as be grateful for the chance to delight the Siren of his desires. Yet how much is too much to take? We will allow you be the…

Female Domination, Nipple Teasing

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Nipple Annihilation with Emma Mystic 

Featuring @MissEmmaMystic Miss Mystic and I have a slave that loves to let us go wild. The two of us both have a strong vicious side, and also it’s constantly a great time allowing that out. We each take turns clamping his nipples, slapping his face, hitting him with all type of fun toys, and also stunning him. One apply of pain after another, he howls involuntarily as the discomfort gets increasingly more extreme. Our smiles expand with each brand-new…

Female Domination

PantyhoseTherapy – Groped Choked Fingered – Christina QCCP 

This 100% happened. I was in the middle of shooting a custom video when my upstairs neighbor/fetish-friend stalked downstairs. I don’t know why he stopped over, I don’t know why he didn’t knock, but he kind of took over the moment with his groping. I’m all “no, wait, I’m busy, don’t,” but sometimes “stop” doesn’t mean “stop,” exactly. By the end, I’m a dripping whiny girl-mess. Also, this is such a hot video that I interrupted myself during editing. Check…

Female Domination, Nipple Teasing, Spanking & Whipping

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Sadistic Nipple Session 

One of my more masochistic slaves is back for more pain. You know me, I love the chance to be cruel. I’ve devised several new ways to inflict pain on my slave’s already scarred nipples. I’ve got a set of needles and a wartenburg pinwheel with his name on them. His moans of pain and pleasure only encourage me more to be rough with his nipples and cock. Let’s see how far my sadism can go.

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination, Slapping, Spitting

Lady Milana: “Ballbusting The Chained Slave” 

My slave is chained hands up with spreaded legs in my old barn, just as I left him the other day. Maybe one of my other slaves were playing with his cock, but for now he finds himself helpless at my mercy. I start torturing his nipples with my claws and start slapping his cock and balls. He is just at the beginnig of his carreer as my ballbusting addicted painslut and still very sensitive to my kicks and slaps….

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination, Spanking & Whipping

Visit At A Locksmithery With Special Guest Lady Mercedes Of Avalon Berlin: Entire Movie 

Madame Catarina and Lady Mercedes are Femdom Enforcement Agents and have tracked down two wayward slaves to their place of work. The two slaves have been found guilty of crimes against Femdom but failed to attend the Avalon tribunal to receive their punishment as instructed. So the Ladies have hunted them down to punish them wherever they find them. Dressed in amazing leather outfits Madame Catarina and Lady Mercedes descend on a Berlin locksmithey to find the two slaves they…

Female Domination, Latex & Rubber

Playing with my Gimp – Mistress Damazonia 

Here is a glimpse of what it is to be my rubber slave. You can self insert in this helpless position, caged and gagged where your only purpose is to entertain your Mistress. When I don’t need you, I store you away. When I want to play, you will suffer delightfully for me. Electric is one of my favourite… watch me torture my gimp’s nipples while he is completely helpless and hear his muffled screams while I’m utterly pleased.

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Missblacksun: “Missblacksun – Cruel Cbt Smoking Valentine” 

My slave knows how much the cbt amuses me and for Vantino he gave me a new game, maybe he was a bit unprepared. He brought me a beautiful ball press. Today he will have a good lesson for my slave. Slowly screwing her tightens his useless cock more and more, as much as I like! What he doesn’t know is that the ball press will be tied to a rope and anchored to his nipples, so that his stupid…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination, Shoe & Boots

Under My Leather Boots and Spurs – Fetish Liza 

My boot slave is in position, underneath me, seeing only my black LEATHER BOOTS, red soles and SHARP SPURS. His tongue is needed for bootlicking service and my new boot spurs will ensure he does a good job. They are made of cold metal and a razor sharp blade. He is going to have to worship and clean my boots very precisely as I dig my STILETTO heels and SPURS in his flesh. He must focus as his nipples, cock…


InfernalRestraints – Nurse Skylar | Skylar Snow 

The nurse takes advantage and gets what she deserves. Every day is hell. She takes advantage in every way she can. Emotionally and sexually. There’s nothing I can do about it. I dream about recovering and getting her back for all the sick and twisted stuff she does to me. I’d grab her, take her to a secret lair, and expose her huge tits. I’d clamp them down tight! I’d violate her like she violates me. I’d make her incontinent….

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Spanking & Whipping

Domnation – At Madams Divine Mercy – Quinn Hellix 

With her slave bound helplessly with his arms chained above his head, Madam Quinn has carte blanche access to his vulnerable and exposed nipples and she intends to take full advantage. One set of razor like clamps after another, she pulls, twists, pinches and claws his vulnerable nipples until tears roll down his cheeks, and glistening crimson plasma flows from his titties like mammas milk. His screams of mercy fall on deaf ears, as there will be no mercy tonight….

Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Mistress Damazonia’s Gimp 

Have you ever wondered what life might be like as Amazon Damazonia’s live in slave? 24 hours a day, for the rest of time! “It’s not easy because I’m merciless” she tells you as this scene opens with the Goddess dressed head to toe in latex and holding a crop in her hands. The camera pulls back and now you see that she has her gimp bound and locked in a cage, drool running from his mouth as he has…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

FemdomEmpire – Anny Aurora – Fried Blue Balls 

German Goddess Annie is a big believer that chastity is an effective method in transforming a man into a slave. Sometimes a man still needs that little extra push to learn the ways of his Mistress and electrical shock therapy is proven to be just what her new slave needs. She straps him into the cock bondage device and secures a high powered shock collar around his balls to show she means business. With just the tap of her finger…

CBT & Ballbusting

DirtyDommes – Tortured by leather Dommes 

When Lady Bellatrix and I, Fetish Liza, meet… there are always “new” slaves to test. This leather sub won’t be worshipping our attire but instead we check his sensitivity and durability. With his hood on, he can only feel my long nails as I dig them in to his chest and tied balls. But we mainly focus on his nipples which get pinched hard, clamped and tormented for our amusement of course.

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