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Female Domination, Smoking

Mistress Krush: Punished For Escaping From His Cage 

Oh dear, slut has actually handled to run away from his plastic cage and also Mistress Krush, Goddess Serena as well as Girlfriend Tess are not delighted. Whilst it’s every servants desire to be handled by 3 gorgeous Ladies clothed head to toe in leather, secured to a chair with your legs spread wide may not become part of that dream. So, slave is about to have his busted plastic cage replaced with something a bit extra secure. However it’s…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

Queen Snake – TWENTY-FIVE 2020 May 23 

I have rather big nipple areas yet I have never believed that there would certainly be enough area for so many – 25 – needles in one nipple area. In fact it was not planned, I intended to do a nipple area as well as clit piercing video clip yet I have actually stuck to my left nipple area for also long – I just can not stop pushing the needles in – so my clitoris will certainly need to…

CBT & Ballbusting, Spanking & Whipping

Kinky Mistresses – Lady Juliette – On The Anal Stick 

  Lady Juliette has her slave trapped on an ingenious bondage device. With his wrists and ankles secured he is impaled on an anal stick, unable to move. She teases his nipples with vicious clamps; he can only do exactly what she wants!   Featuring Lady Juliette   Parts: 1 Total Duration: 8 minutes 19 seconds Photos: 15 Tags: anal, cbt, dildo, domina, femdom, juliette, lady, mistress, nipple, nippleplay, play, punishment, slave

Female Domination

Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Anita Divina And Mistress Ann – Punished By 2 Ladies 

  Featuring Mistress, Mistress Anita Divina 2 Mistresses are using a slave in the heart of the amsterdam redlight district to punish him very hard with cbt, nippleplay while he is helpless tie up in the apartment- Mistress Anita Divina and Mistress Ann, t hard sadistic ladies enjoy the pain of her slave while they use his cock and nipples Parts: 3 Total Duration: 18 minutes 43 seconds Photos: 15 Tags: anita, ann, ball, bdsm, clamps, cock, divina, femdom, mistress,…

CBT & Ballbusting

Kinky Mistresses – Nipple Play In Clingfilm Mistress Ava Black 

  Featuring Mistress Ava Black With the slave wrapped up in clingfilm and trapped on herbed, Mistress Ava Black playfully bites and pulls on his nipples. She even grindsher incredible ass into theslave to tease his bound body. Parts: 2 Total Duration: 9 minutes 47 seconds Photos: 15 Tags: ava, bdsm, bondage, cbt, clingfilm, domina, domination, ebony, femdom, mistress, nipple, nippleplay

CBT & Ballbusting

Kinky Mistresses – Punishment In The Nature Mistress Ava Black 

  Featuring Mistress Ava Black Mistress Ava Black takes her slave back to nature for someold-school domination. She pushes himback against a wall and uses thorn covered branches to scratch his cock. This islikely how males were kept in line bytheir mistresses for thousands of years. Parts: 3 Total Duration: 16 minutes 14 seconds Photos: 20 Tags: ava, bdsm, cbt, cock, domina, ebony, femdom, goddess, mask, mistress, nipple, outdoor, play, punishment

Female Domination

Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Lilse – My Slave In Black 

  Featuring Mistress Lilse Mistress lilse like to play with her fetish slave slut. He have to wear complete black fetish outfit a strong ballet boots so that he cant walk. she like to play with his nipples under the lycra catsuit Parts: 1 Total Duration: 6 minutes 49 seconds Photos: 10 Tags: ballet, bdsm, boots, catsuit, cbt, domina, dominant, femdom, fetish, heels, kinky, lilse, mask, mistress, nipple, nippleplay, play, sissy, slave, slaveslut, submissive

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