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Dark Paradise 2 

Erotically billed follow up to one of the most gorgeous fetish photo ever made! With the tensions placing as well as the stress at a peak, these servants really feel the discomfort in a dark location that they refer to as paradise. It’s a location dominated by mistresses with the skills to make them cry and also make them orgasm. It’s a globe of all female supremacy, as well as willing ladies servants.


Lesson #271 – Nari Park, Nina Hartley – Nina Hartley’s Role Reversal Threesome 

  Nina Hartley and my lovely assistant are here to teach a very special lesson to the men in our lives, and you women who love them. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, isn’t that what they say? He wants to see you sitting between two men, being touched gently? I want to see him done that way by two women. He wants to see you bent over, sucking his cock while someone else plays with…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Handjob & Milking

Femdom Empire – Nina Hartley – Plaything Cock Jerk 

  Mistress Nina Hartley enjoys controlling the cocks of her slaves, making them cum on her command. This slave is so under her command that the very sound of her voice makes his cock jump up and down from excitement. While Nina sits on her slave’s face, getting her pussy pleasured by his tongue, she completely controls his cock, expertly edging it until it is rock hard, then smacking it back down, denying his orgasm again and again. When Nina…


Femdom Empire – Nina Hartley – Strapon Correction 

  When Nina Hartley’s office assistant screws up his duties yet again, Nina decides that some serious correction of his behavior is in order. As she verbally scolds Alex, her assistant, Nina comes to the conclusion that the problem here is that Alex does not have proper respect for her as his boss and needs to better understand his position – which is that of being her bitch. And what better way to “drive” that point home than the head…


Kink University – Oct 22, 2015 – Nina Hartley 

  Porn legend and sex educator Nina Hartley provides an introduction to Polyamory and healthy non-monogamy. If you’ve ever considered taking multiple partners or sharing your partner with others in a consensual but less-than-casual way, this 2-hour lecture makes an excellent guide. Learn what Polyamory is and how to tell if it’s the right lifestyle for you and your partner. Nina and her host, Danarama, discuss the different styles of polyamory, how it’s different from swinging, open relationships, and other…

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