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CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Nikki Brooks – Testicles Destroyed for her Profit 

Nikki is trying to produce as many ballbusting clips as possible with her slave to maximize her profit. The more ballbusting videos she makes, the more money she makes. She doesn’t care how exhausted or injured the slave ends up. He is only there so that she can turn a profit from the clip sales. The slave is very exhausted from the relentless ball kicking. Nikki does not care. She is just getting started and has many more to produce….

Female Domination, Trampling

Nikki Brooks – Human Doormat for Femdom Holiday Party 

Niki is hosting a holiday party for all her Princess friends. Of course, the party needs a male human doormat! Niki tests out one from the bunch to see if he passes muster. It’s a privilege to be selected to serve the girls at the holiday party as their doormat. The slave tries the best he can to pass the test, even though it’s excruciating when Queen Nikki digs her heels into his flesh. Nicki bruises his skin and rips…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Clubdom – Bella Ink, Nikki Brooks – Jerk That Tiny Dicklette | Release Date: Sep 7, 2017 

  Goddesses Bella Ink and Nikki Brooks dragged you into the dungeon so they can watch you jerk your pathetic tiny little cock. The Goddesses are wearing latex dresses and thigh high boots, but can’t help but chuckle at your laughably small penis, they just feel sorry for you. Goddess Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink give you masturbation instructions since no other person alive would want to touch that pathetic disgusting little dicklette.

Shoe & Boots

Clubdom – Slave Cum On Goddess Boots 

  Goddess Nikki Brooks and Goddess Bella Ink are wearing latex dresses and thigh high black boots since they have an event to attend later. The issue is that their boots are dirty, and they want them to be spotless. Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink selected two of their slaves to have the privilege to clean their boots with their tongues and leave them spotless. Goddess Bella Ink grabs her slave’s head and forces his head up and down the…

Female Domination

Subby Hubby – If I Only Was A Leprechaun 

  Toby is all dressed up to go to a St. Patrick’s day party, but get’s let down when he can’t get a ride. Right before he falls asleep, he wishes he was a real leprechaun so he could get all the gold, and all the hot girls. Toby awakes in his dream surrounded by two lovely women, Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink show up to give him all of his heart’s truest desires. Toby finds himself inbetween the two…

Face Dildo

Clubdom – Nikki Brook’s and The Holiday Slave 

  Madame Nikki Brooks is going to send her slave back to the farm where she got him if he can’t fuck her wet pussy good with the chindo she puts on his head. She has known that he has wanted to fuck her for a while now, but his cock is so pathetic and small and would never be allowed to fuck a hot wet pussy of a gorgeous Goddess like Nikki Brooks. Merry Fucking Christmas!   Tags: Body…


Subby Hubby – Nikki Brook’s Pussy Scrooge 

Nikki Brooks doesn’t want to be too scroogey with her little subby for Christmas, so she decides to give him a bit of a gift. Nikki gives her subby a front row seat to watch her fill her wet pussy with a nice pink vibrator. She promises that he can clean up the wet mess she will make like a good little sissy would. Then she gives her little submissive sissy maid his gift, a Christmas cock. She shoves the…


Clubdom – Madame Nikki’s Demanding Slut 

  Goddess Nikki Brooks needs to punish her maid slave for not doing his job well enough. She has him bent over and screaming as she fills his tight man pussy with her strap on cock. Maybe next time her slave will learn how to clean. If not, Goddess Nikki will be happy to teach him another lesson.   Tags: Strap-on, strapon, Nikki Brooks

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