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QueenSnake – NETTLE-VIRGIN – JESSICA 2018 May 26 

Jessica is uncovering her masochistic side right in front of our eyes. She never considered herself passive or masochist till a few months ago she fulfilled me. Ever since I had the ability to change the camera shy lady right into a full blown pervert as well as masochist. This is her very first stinging nettle session and she absolutely appreciated it – well, after all the shrieking as well as sobbing obviously.


QueenSnake – SELF NETTLE – JESSICA 2020 September 19 

Jessica’s first solo nettle session just astonished me. She actually had a wild as well as passionate sex with a lot of stinging nettles. If the plants can truly feel than most likely they loved Jessica initially touch. As well as I believe the love is mutual. Jessica enjoyed this session a lot that she had a massive orgasm in the end.

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

QueenSnake – NETTLE RIVULET – REMAKE 2020 July 4 

One of my very first nettle flicks was the Nettle Rivulet, 11 years ago. I went back to the exact same beautiful location as well as I have made a remake of this movie. I haven’t made use of any kind of nettles for concerning 3 years so I seemed like a real novice now like years ago. I whipped my tits, butts and pussy with nettles and scrubed my nipple areas, clitoris and rectum with them and also lastly…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

QueenSnake – Nettle Footing – Tanita 

Tanita’s pussy obtained as well limited just recently because it hadn’t been stretched for such a long time. I can’t tolerate this so I informed Nazryana to hand her and afterwards foot fuck her with a lot of painful nettles. Obviously Tanita, as constantly, was howling like a poltergeist. So refuse the volume please:-RRB-.


QueenSnake – Nettle Dungeon 2017 August 26 

Suzy got tied up and suspended by her legs in the scary dungeon. Her butts, tits and pussy was being whipped and rubbed with stinging nettles until she was crying and screaming in pain. Watching her agony turned me on so much that I whipped my pussy with that nasty stuff as well.

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