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Clubdom – Fucked Owned and Used 

  Natalya Sadici and Jean Bardot stuff the faces of their man slaves with their superior femdom cocks, ramming them deep down their drooling face-holes. The men have to tae every inch down their throats as they stare up at the gorgeous latex-clad Goddesses who own them. The Mistresses decide to bend the two sluts over their own cages and fuck them hard and deep in their pathetic asses until they feel totally humiliated and owned. It’s not enough that…

CBT & Ballbusting

Clubdom – Militia of Femdom: Guardess Whipping 

  General Jean Bardot and Natalya Sadici bring two helpless meat puppets out to be beaten without mercy. They begin to string a struggling slave up and are frustrated so they break him by delivering ball kicks and a nasty knee. They end up whipping not just him but both of the pathetic men because that is what we do here at the Femdom Militia. Except the women are just not finished yet. They decide the men’s balls should match…

CBT & Ballbusting

Clubdom – Femdom Militia: The Jug Torment 

  Jean Bardot, Natalya Sadici and Paris Knight instruct their slave to crawl the punishment post with heavy jugs of water tied to his balls. He whimpers and struggles but Paris points for him to continue and get moving to where he has to go. The Guardesses take turn kicking the jugs over and over and as water flies everywhere, the captive male suffers just as he should. His balls could almost come off of his body. Jean just threatens…

Female Domination

Clubdom – Paris’s Tormented Pleasure Puppet 

  The slave awakes tied to the table with three gorgeous Mistresses cowering over him. He finds he is restrained and cannot move. Jean Bardot has a castration tool and the women threaten to take his balls off if he does not keep his dick hard to pleasure Paris. He agrees as he has no choice. His cock is hard and Paris tries him out. “No cumming for you, or we take your balls” the women say. Paris rides him…

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Routine Monday Beatings #2 

  The Mistresses are back with slave 019 for another Monday routine whipping to break him down. This time they have him strung up on the metal cross by the punishment post and are taking turns shredding him with their whips. They admire his marks and take turns taunting him and shredding him and know it’s another step towards his mental breakdown into slavery.

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Routine Monday Beatings 

  The three sadistic Mistresses walk into the patio, their high heels click loudly on the bricks. The slave is bent over a spanking bench and can hear them coming. He knows they mean business. They Mistresses aim to break each and every slave here at clubdom and they do it by giving them routine beatings until the men are nothing but obedient piles of mush. Jean Bardot holds slave 019 down while Lydia and Lynn take turns delivering vicious…

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