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BDSM, Fighting, Lezdom & Lesbian

EvolvedFightsLesbianEdition – Nadia White, Tori Avano 

THIS MATCH IS LIT! These two sexual gladiators put everyone on the mats today. Nadia White shows us how the east coast crew handles business. Tori Avano uses her hips to bump Nadia around and have her way with her. The action is incredible. The sexual chemistry is top notch. This match is an instant classic as both these athletes use their tits and ass to overpower each other. Each girl is able to wrap up her opponent and trib…


EvolvedFights – Nadia White, Peter King 

Peter King is here to avenge his loss against Bella Rossi. He was utterly humbled when the beautiful, Bella Rossi bested him in his debut match. He’s been training and working on his game. He has a lot of wrestling experience which will come in handy today. Unfortunately you need a lot more than wrestling skills to be on our mats and Nadia White has everything it does take to be here. Nadia is a skilled wrestler with huge tits…

BDSM, Fighting, Lezdom & Lesbian

EvolvedFightsLesbianEdition – Cheyenne Jewel, Nadia White 

Today we get to see Cheyenne “the bitch wrangler” Jewel doing what she does best. Wrangling bitches! Nadia White has looked very impressive in her previous matches so we might even get to see Nadia wrangle the bitch wrangler. Nadia is flexible and has huge tits that she can easily use to smother Cheyenne with. Both girls have incredible smothered asses as well. This match goes the way you would expect. Cheyenne’s power gives her the upper hand but Nadia’s…

BDSM, Fighting, Lezdom & Lesbian

EvolvedFightsLesbianEdition – Bella Rossi, Nadia White 

This is the battle of tits and ass. Bella Rossi and Nadia White both have huge tits and ass and both intend on doing bad things with them. Nadia White has a nasty head lock and Bella Rossi has a nasty Koala style hold. They say that style make fights and today we see what they mean. This match display incredible skill from both girls who use their signature moves on each other only to get stuck in a stalemate…


ShinyBound – The Magician’s Assistant 

Stunning Nadia White puts on her hot costume and turns up to her magician’s aide job interview a little early. She is greeted and welcomed in by a stage hand holding a clipboard and also he informs her that the illusionist is running late, so he will be performing her meeting. Te tells her that her placement would be to assistant in the getaway difficulty part of the program. Nadia thinks that appears great and also asks what she needed…

BDSM, Fighting

EvolvedFights – Jason Michaels, Nadia White 

We provide a warm welcome to Nadia White who is making her debut on our website. Nadia has considerable experience with combined wrestling and also today we check that against officially trained Mixed Martial Arts professional athlete, Jason Michaels. Welp! she had not been existing. She reveals her skills today by ripping off Jason’s shorts and also sucking and yanking on his dick like a champ. She is so good that by the end of round 3 we have a…


ShinyBound – Nadia White.. Hung By Her Pussy and Vibed 

Sexy Nadia White gets hung in limited hemp rope and also vibed until she comes hard! Worn just satin panties, she is boxtied and after that lifted by the winch up onto her toes, suspended by her pussy rope! It digs in deep and also theres no way to escape whats coming next. A huge ballgag is strapped right into her mouth and after that Shiny goes to town on her. Searching her large busts, spanking her snugly connected ass,…


Subby Hubby – A Cuckold Dreams of Sex Part 5: Strap-on 

  Cameron cannot wake up from this dream and now it has become a nightmare. He does finally get to have sex with Valora but it is in the most humiliating form ever, pegging. Valora and Nadia turn Cameron into a little submissive cock-sucking whore by putting both their cocks into his mouth and fucking his brains out. Valora makes fun of him the whole time, which is even worse! Finally, Cameron is woken up by the hotel manager. He…


Subby Hubby – A Cuckold Dreams of Sex Part 1: Heel licking Cuck 

  Valora and Nadia are hanging out with their two friends from school and having a great Spring Break down in Palm Beach, Florida. The guys are trying to get into their pants, especially Cameron who has a major crush on Valora. Cameron is turned down by the very kinky Valora, and Cameron tells her he IS kinky enough for her. The girls laugh and walk off and everyone goes back to their rooms. Cameron falls asleep and dreams that…

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Goddess Valora, Nadia White – Beat the Sissy 

  Nadia White and Goddess Valora are going to teach their sissy how to be an obedient slut for them. They decide he must earn their cocks by taking a nice whipping and paddling. Nothing makes them smile more than seeing the red ass of a sissy slut parading around the house as the sissy cleans and does tasks. Valora whips Gapin Gabriella while Nadia watches on, grinning. Both the women switch off paddling that sissy’s pathetic ass.

CBT & Ballbusting

Clubdom – Goddess Valora, Nadia White – A Difficult Spill 

  Goddess Valora and Goddess Nadia have their slave bound to the table. Since it is milking time, the women decide to make it difficult and terrible for the slave, by fucking his cockhole with a sounding rod. They fuck his pathetic cock hole while they stroke his cock. He is finally able to cum, despite how much discomfort he is in.

CBT & Ballbusting

Clubdom – Nadia White – A Cheerleader’s Kicking Bag 

  Goddess Nadia White needs to practice her high kicks for her cheerleading squad. Nadia feels she needs more resistance training though, and pulls out her new kicking post slave bitch to give her a target to kick at. Goddess Nadia White makes him stand with his legs apart and arms above his head so he can receive her ball busting torture. Goddess Nadia busts his useless swollen balls with a few kicks before slapping them. Goddess Nadia needs to…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Subby Hubby – Nadia White – How To Stroke a Large Cock | Release Date: Aug 28, 2017 

  Goddess Nadia White knows how much you love sucking big long dicks. Nadia has a huge cock, and she knows you want to suck it. She has you crawl over to her before opening your mouth for her big long strap on cock. You must be a small dicked pathetic loser to enjoy sucking cock this much. No one wants to see or touch that small dicklette of yours. You can sit back and stroke that pathetically small cock…

Dildo Play, Strap-on

Clubdom – Nadia White – Giving Her Slave a Big Black Present | Release Date: Aug 21, 2017 

  Goddess Nadia White has a present for her slave. She walks over to him and forces him to suck her big black cock. Goddess Nadia makes him gag on her thick strap on cock before pistoning it in his slutty slave mouth. Goddess Nadia makes him drool all over her huge cock before bending him over and shoving it up his ass. Goddess Nadia spanks his pale slave ass while thrusting the length of her black strap on dick…

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