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Female Domination, Strap-on

HouseOfSinn – A brutal fucking and a relaxing cigarette – Mistress Saida 

The elegantly beautiful Miss Saida keeps Her bitch in permanent chastity. The only pleasure this slut can experience is from a good hard sucking and fucking. Well, today is his lucky day as that is exactly what he is going to get. Miss Saida’s ivory thick veined cock dangles enticingly before his begging eyes and drooling mouth. In his anxiety to orally fit it’s condom he almost chokes himself but he must fit it right up to the hilt because…

Foot Worship

HouseofSinn – To adore a Goddess 

Mistress Saida is in a playful mood tonight and every naughty thought is about Her gorgeous feet, from Her dainty toes to the beautifully formed arch, all the way up slim ankles and down again. The boy loves to worship and he really tries to do a good job but. Her almost naked body is so very distracting. What will happen if he doesn’t do a good job?

Spanking & Whipping

House Of Sinn – Mistress Saida – A perfect toy for My sadistic streak 

  Mistress Saida knows very well how to break Her pain sluts and this one is in for a treat tonight because the cruel Lady has in mind to use every implement in the room just to see which one is more painful…What will hurt him the most? How much will he take before the first whiny scream? And after that, She will use that very implement to beat him all day long…a perfect toy for Her sadistic streak. Her…

Female Domination

House Of Sinn – Mistress Saida – The pleasure of your screams 

  Mistress Saida wants to be pleasured today by Her loser slave and Her pleasure is to hear him mewl and scream, terrified and crying like a big baby. What better way of doing it than by dripping scorchingly hot wax on his pristine skin. For a cruel Goddess like Herself, whipping is boring sometimes, the cane too soft, humiliation not enough so fire play may present the perfect opportunity for intense pain for him… as well as intense pleasure…


House of Sinn – Mistress Saida – Ashtray for a Goddess 

Mistress Saida is a stunning, elegant and sophisticated Goddess, revered and worshipped by all Her miserable male subjects. This one is secured as a service table dutifully holding his Goddess’ premium brand cigarettes in his mouth ready for when She may wish to smoke. His steel encased useless cock twitches in its restrictive metal prison as She seductively applies fresh lipstick to Her full perfect lips.There is no need for a glass ashtray when a slave’s mouth is at a…

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