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TheEnglishMansion – Mistress Nikki – Screen Of Your Torment Part 1 

Mistress Nikki has her slave on her special bondage bench, a slavecam positioned so that the slave can see what is being done to him on a screen, in front of his face. Mistress is soon tormenting his nipples, communicating through the special camera. She then moves onto CBT, alternating between teasing and tormenting his engorged cock. She then uses the fucking machine to pound his hole, the special Venus attachment milking his dick as he is rammed in his…

Female Domination, Pegging, Strap-on

TheEnglishMansion – Fucked & Made To Watch – Mistress Nikki 

Mistress Nikki has a devious and cruel day planned for her anal slut, strapping him tightly to the advance bondage bench, a viewing screen locked in front of his eyes, showing the live feed from the slave cam. He gets to watch every second of the ass stretching, as the gloved hands open him up and the sight of her massive strapon as she plays with it in front of the camera, teasing him for what is to come. His…

Female Domination

TheEnglishMansion – Trained At The Gloryhole – Mistress Nikki 

Mistress Nikki has been training her slut on strapon dick for months, with the aim of turning him into the best cock sucker to start earning her some money at the local gloryholes. She deems him ready now and she accompanies him tot he seediest part of town, ready to get his first taste of live dick, as the first one of a long night pokes through the hole. She directs his action, making sure he does a great job…

Female Domination, Foot Worship, Strap-on

TheEnglishMansion – High Protocol Gala Pt3 – Strapon Gangbang & Foot Worship 

This spectacular daytime Femdom gala follows the action in voyeuristic fashion, as the 7 stunning Mistresses embark on a day of real life domination with their lucky pack of slaves maids and butler. Part three follows top Dominas Nikki, Annalieza, Evilyn, Anastaxia, Jessica, Inka and Sidonia, as the adventure continues. Anastaxia and Jessica, take some slaves to the pit, and relax for some foot worship by the eager slaves. One is then chosen for a trampling, in stilettos and then…

Pegging, Shoe & Boots, Strap-on

TheEnglishMansion – Femdom Crime And Punishment 

After being expressly forbidden to touch his cock, the recruit is now in big trouble with Officer Nikki, who has taken him to the punishment cell and tied him tightly to the interrogation chair. She gets his attention and respect, slapping and cropping his cock, tight traps put on his nipples and dick as she makes him lick her dirty boots. She then puts on her biggest strapon and pegs his asshole with hard, long strokes making him moan in…

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DirtyDommes – Suck cock for Princess Nikki – Mistress Nikki 

Cruel Mistress Nikki loves to fuck with the minds of her pathetic slaves. This lowly male creature is particularly easy to manipulate as he is totally obedient and at the booted feet of his Mistress. His slave task is always to please her and that includes sucking a real cock in front of his Mistress. Not only does he need to swallow a dick but in the end he must swallow all the spunk that will be dripping out of…

Lezdom & Lesbian, Oral & Asslicking

Chateau-Cuir – Leather girls car trouble 

  Oh dear! The car seems to be having some problems! And Nikki and Nomi have no idea on how to fix it! So instead of sitting around, feeling sorry for themselves, they check if the coast is clear and decide to have some leathery fun together! These girlfriends have known each other for a long time so they know exactly what turns them on…hot pussy and ass licking!

Foot Worship

The English Mansion – Puppy Love 

  Two beautiful, mean, academy girls invite the class loser over and set about humiliating and insulting him. He will do anything to spend time with the popular girls and is made to succumb to their meanest whims. Their latest fantasy is to turn him into their own puppy, making him crawl about naked, worship and eat from their feet, sniff their arses, all the while laughing and proving what a Grade A loser he is.


The English Mansion – Mistress Nikki – Military Drilling 

  Drill Sergeant Nikki is putting the recruit through his paces, using some of her special, unorthodox techniques. He is desperate to perform well and is putting in maximum effort, which is still not enough for Nikki, she encourages him by allowing her ass to be licked as he performs situps, her vocal yelling pushing him more and the weights she dangles from his balls increasing the difficulty. The next stage of drilling involves Nikki’s massive black strapon, which she…

Spanking & Whipping

The English Mansion – Mistress Nikki – Office Thief 

Featuring: Mistress Nikki Corporal Punishment – Canes, Whips, Paddles & Spanking, Humiliation, Verbal Abuse, Spitting, Face Slapping, Smart Suits, Ordinary Daywear, Dresses What do these symbols mean? It is not such a good idea to steal from the petty cash draw, when your boss is Miss Nikki. Caught red handed, his feeble excuses are of no use and he knows that this is going to be a bad day at work when he finds himself crushed between her powerful thighs….

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Strap-on

The English Mansion – Mistress Nikki – Painful Pleasures 

  Featuring: Mistress Nikki   Mistress Nikki is going to use her slut slave for pleasure but that only means one thing, he must suffer her sadistic side first and work his hardest to earn the privilege of being used as a fuck toy. Mistress whips and tramples his cock before using his mouth and arse with her big black strapon. She takes pleasure from his tongue, having her arse and pussy licked until she rides his abused cock to…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering

The English Mansion – The Girls’ Office Xmas Party Lady Nina Birch, Miss Eve Harper, Mistress Nikki 

  Featuring: Lady Nina Birch, Miss Eve Harper, Mistress Nikki Eve, Nikki and Nina are the last standing at the end of the female employee’s Xmas party and are preparing to leave when the head of sales gatecrashes. He is clearly drunk and intruding, the ladies don’t take kindly to his innuendo and loose talk so decide to put him in his place. They wrestle him to the ground and strip him naked, before dressing him in stockings and suspenders,…

Female Domination, Strap-on

The English Mansion – Prick Teasers Miss Rebekah Dee, Mistress Nikki 

Featuring: Miss Rebekah Dee & Mistress Nikki Mistress Nikki is playing a game with her slavegirl and slaveboy, she will be allowed sensual pleasure if he takes corresponding punishment! Nikki starts licking Rebekah’s nipples and then ordering her to do the same, before the girls gang up and torment his nipples with clamps, fingers and pinchers, his squeals delighting them. His cock is locked in extreme chastity, bulging in the metal cage, teased with a vibrator as Rebekah’s pussy is…

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