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Clubdom – Fuck Puppet For Rubber Girl-Gang 

  Slave 013 has to be trained orally and anally by the gang of rubber vixens. Michelle Lacy. Natalya Sadici, Lydia Supremacy and Lynn Pops all surround and intimidate him. He is forced to suck their huge cocks and take them deep into his man pussy. Michelle Lacy pounds this slut hard and does not let him have any mercy while Lynn stuffs his mouth. Natalya and Lydia watch on, each one threatening him if he doesn’t do a good…

Foot Worship

Clubdom – Lydia Supremacy, Mistress Michelle – 6 Tired Feet, 1 slave 

  Mistress Michelle Lacy walks her slave into the patio where Natalya, Lynn and Lydia are resting on the lounger. Michelle tells her slave that he better be a very good foot worshipper for her friends or else he will be punished. She then throws the slave towards the women’s feet and gives his leash over to them. The three women all take turns shoving their sweaty tired feet into his mouth. He must suck their toes, lick their heels…

Handjob & Milking

Clubdom – Michelle, Tangent & Rikki: Smothered and Milked 

  Mistress Ricky is stroking the slave’s hard cock. He must be so lucky to be out of chastity, except he knows his permission to cum will come at a price. The Mistresses are cruel and won’t ever let any slave have pleasure unless their sadistic torments follow. Mistress Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent provoke the slave and tease and smother him with their leather gloved hands and arms until his breath is taken away over and over again. The…

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Mistress Michelle – Michelle & Tangent: Caning Coach Jackson 

  Coach Jackson has been spying on poor Miss Mathews and makes very rude comments to her. She tells her teacher and principal on him. Professor Michelle and Principal Tangent decide to make the coach regret his ways and they call him into their office. He denies being a jerk to Miss Mathews, but they can see right through him, after all, they deal with men like him from time to time and this is why their school is so…


Clubdom – Strap-on Contest for the She-Gods 

  Michelle Lacy is having a fantastic time showing Goddess Tangent and Natasha around the estate, using males for their pleasure. The girls decide they are going to come up with a little game since there are 3 slaves handy and 3 Women. They will all strap-on fuck the slaves until the slaves cannot handle it anymore. Whichever slave begs for mercy or collapses first, is the LOSER! He will be the one who is punished, perhaps thrown into the…

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